Shina Kalra:
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When I was born, I was told everyone was happy
Everyone celebrated the birth of a goddess in the family,
Everyone wished for me all the time,
Everyone cherished me all this while,
Heard something called burden from outer walls,
But never acknowledged what it was.
Days passed by with lurking curiosity to know why
Who was this burden and who makes them and why?
One day I came out of those walls to know how was that born
I was shackled to know the something unknowingly I know
It wasn’t some animal or some extra things
But the daughters who born with lot of pain and storm
Then there were different kind of burdens,
Some were swallowed in the womb
Some were wrapped magically and left to drown
In the bin for someone to find,
If not found then way back from life
Those things shackled and made me feel blessed
I was one who was wanted and always addressed
But time passed by and played a tricky game
The blessing was turned into a deadly pain
We are also wrapped and magically dressed
Not sent to bin but to new address
It’s get celebrated and wished for throughout
It’s called marriage!
A new life for girl if she’s lucky enough
Sometimes sold with lot of stuff
If get a groom in time that’s great,
else you’re back to square 1 with a tag of burden
A girls response or her choice doesn’t really matter
Because that thing can only brings disgrace to the garden
Adam and Eve were an exception
But still thrown out by the God
Having a choice is a sin
Satan was an angel before committing a thing
Adam and Eve were favourite till they followed to the pin
Devils are we all focusing on our own thing
Similarly, Daughters are goddesses till they grow old
After that they are burden or just a whore
Stop pushing them to the thing they don’t want
They’re flowers of your garden not a pity thorn
Don’t pluck them and let them live and grow
Stop making them feel burden but cherish them as a storm
They can turn the hurdles and grumpy roads into flowers
They can choose and can make you feel adored
Listen to them and support on their ways
They will make you proud just with their lovely gaze
Someone said wisely and to be believed
Sons are sons till they get married but daughters are daughters whole their life
Give them chance not just to get marry
But to choose their path which will vary
Choose to be parent of a daughter then throwing them away
They will take you to stars and show the different ways
Just don’t say they are goddesses but make them feel too
Support them in things and see the magic too.

Shina Kalra has completed her Masters in literature. She is a published author of the book “What’s Next?” At present, she is working with Barclays. Writing is her passion which keeps her going. She loves to dance and read in her free time.

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