Dear Cigarette


Proteeti Biswas:

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Source: The Sacramento Bee

Dear Cigarette,


She plated her heavy flesh

Inviting those gentlemen

To sip a cup of tea concentrated

With her boiling blood

Amatory drops of mud

Glaze her skin

Topped with a zest of rape

Flesh, oh so divine!


Gruesome roars of meaty thighs

Disguise the rhythm of rain

Her flesh, her skin

Misguide these humble spirits

Treats for hungry gentlemen

Flesh, oh so divine!


Dear cigarette,

Will you light up?


Smoke of justice fills the air

She sniffs twice

Inhales the steamy desires

The toxicity burns her lungs


Ones who wear the masks of justice

Label her body

As the reason why, these gentlemen

Are losing their title of “gentle”


How dare she allow such injustice in front of her eyes?


A spicy delight,

Flesh, still so divine?


She is now a demon

With no wings

A witch with stitched lips

She allures gentlemen

In the cave between her legs

With the rusty glow

Of her skin


Flesh, no more divine


She must cover herself.

Cover her eyes


Blow out the light

Be blind


Dear cigarette,


You may burn,


Let her burn


A crackling whisper

Poet’s note: In this poem, the cigarette represents the justice system which normalizes sexual abuse by blaming the victim. With a sarcastic tone, the poem allows the victim to take on the role of a demon who initiates the evil act of rape.

 Proteeti is 19 years old, and she recently completed her first year of the B.Ed program in the University of Alberta. Her passions include poetry and abstract painting. Her goal is to use poetry as a form of expression to explore the voices of untold stories and make an attempt to heal the wounds that ache humanity. She also loves to eat ripe papayas!  


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