Emerging needs of Professional Female Drivers

Rokshana Talukdar:

Most of the professions in Bangladesh are kind of ‘Gender Biased’. Let me give an example here to make my claim clearer, like, Teachers, Nurses and Helping hands in different working places are mostly Females. On the other hand, Administrative positions, Employees and staffs in Vocational and Technical areas are mostly filled up by the Males. As most of us does not use personal or private transport, for that reason, mass people of the country depends on public transport. Few recent occurrences which happened recently in our country and neighbor country are related with transportation. This is now high time to stop these kinds of violence which are related with transport.

The bad incidents make us remember that, there were no female drivers and helpers in the public transports, so why not from now on we recruit Female Drivers more and more in our public and private transports. It’s now an emerging need of the society. Few positive changes can happen very quickly if we can recruit female drivers, like, every type of sexual harassment will be minimized then before, females will get new income opportunity, when both the male and female will work from home and abroad, then country’s economy will be stronger, female drivers and helpers will be more empathetic towards women and children and will strictly follow the quota systems for the vulnerable groups in public transports, Gender Main Streaming will get new hope of light if we can really bring equal males and females in the field of driving.

But what about the present condition of transportation sector of Bangladesh? Are there enough female drivers? It’s not any million-dollar question, as the answer is known to everyone. The answer is not satisfactory at all because we have a few number of female drivers. Actually, road transportation sector is not everything, as we are the land of rivers and we have water transports, we have airports, helipads and every day different domestic and international flights are taking places there. But it’s a matter of regret that, in road, water and air – in all the three sectors are dominated by male employees and staffs.

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Though women are now joining in job market more than before, still how many female pilots we find in Bangladesh to fly Aero planes and Helicopters? The situation is depressing in both the public and private sectors. Though we have good number of female flight attendants but the number of pilots are surprisingly less in public, private and even in air force. Now if we talk about water transport, the situation is just horrible because like me no one ever heard about a female sailor in ships, launches, speed boats and steamers in our ‘Bengal of Gold’. Oh, such a shame for a country like us where we claim that,River is like mother and ours is a country of rivers. The last but not least. The road transportation system is solely under domination of males in Bangladesh, whether it is a rickshaw puller, truck driver, other private and public transports are also following the same kind of strategy, policy, situation and opportunity where in almost all places we see, we suffers, we harassed by the male drivers as most of the mass people are bound to use public transports.

Why the situation is like this? In most of the cases the answer will be like- females has less physical strength, there are safety issues for females and females has less and most of them has zero knowledge on driving and technical staffs.

So, now let’s talk about the solution, if we really want to see Gender Main Streaming in our practical life, we need to give our girls technical and vocational knowledge on driving also beside other subjects and courses because having a personal transport are no longer a luxury, it’s now a necessity and you may call it a life skill also in some extend. Then, come to the point of the safety issues about female drivers. Each and every female drivers and helpers must need to take self-defense training to tackle any negative situation. Religiously conservative? No worry , those ladies will carry only ladies passengers. And last part… the physical strength of females. It’s just a funny jokes rather than a tension because in 2016, we got our super talented girl, MabiaAkterSimanta who was only sixteen years old when she earned Gold in South Asia Games and make our country proud with her skill in Heavy weight lifting. Not only this girl who is in her tender age, how can we ignore the lady labours who carries tons of equal amount of bricks to build a safe home for us?

From social media I got to know about ‘Pink Taxi cab’ which was introduced in Karachi, which are driven by ladies and the passengers are also ladies. So now, it’s time for our women too to take Driving as a career. Remember during 1971 women also fought for nation beside men, now it’s again time to fight for our safety in road. So that, next time no sexual harassment reports are reported.




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