Everyone in my life will have to learn to deal with the truth

via Humans of Bombay:


“My mother eloped with my father when she was very young. But later, she found out that he has several other wives and children from them too. She wasn’t happy with the marriage at all. He didn’t even let her have kids until five years into their marriage! ⁣
When I was in my fourth grade, she left him. She found love once again and married a guy who’d been proposing to her for a long time. He was supposed to be a nice guy – that’s what we thought. We were wrong…⁣
He would behave differently with me in front of my mom and when she wouldn’t be there, he would begin all his sexual advances towards me. Initially, I thought that this was how fatherly love was supposed to be. But slowly, I realised that what was happening was not right at all. ⁣
I was in the fifth grade when he tried to rape me while I was asleep. I got up in a flash and ran to the next room and locked the door. I didn’t know how to even begin to tell my mom about what had happened. Eventually, I was put into a boarding school and over time, I forgot about it. ⁣
But, I would often have nightmares where people would try to rape me or undress me. When I would go back home, I would try telling my mom about this but she would always say that I was lying. I needed someone to listen to me – I needed an outlet. ⁣
I found my refuse in writing. I wrote down my story and performed it in before an audience – I even broke down in the middle of it. That video of me went viral – news channels began to contact me. They wanted to cover the story of a girl who was molested by her stepfather.⁣
It was ridiculous! They just wanted the sordid details and didn’t want to do anything about the real issue. News pieces were released without my permission and were circulated widely. That’s how mom got know about everything. She ostracised me for letting the story out and said that I shouldn’t have done it. ⁣
Sexuality, as a concept, was introduced to me by my stepfather because he molested me – that was, and will always remain wrong. This is the truth and everyone in my life will have to learn to deal with it. I have let several people steal my childhood from me, I won’t let them do the same with my youth.

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