Ganga’s story

Via Humans of Bombay:

“My childhood was mostly about coming to terms with my sexuality. I would try out mom’s saris when she wasn’t at home, and liked playing ‘house-house’ with girls rather than cricket with the boys. I was fascinated with my sister’s clothes and because of my femininity I was often bullied by my classmates and called ‘chakka’ or ‘bailya’. When I tried to ‘fit in’ and play hide and seek with the boys in my building, they would assault me and ask me to touch their private parts. It was the same story with the boys at school — they would corner me and ask me to measure their penises. When I reached out to my family for help- I was shunned. I was told to mend my ways and start ‘acting like a boy.’
My tipping point was when my teacher came and asked me whether I was a boy or a girl- I felt lonely and depressed and didn’t know who to talk to. I was shocked, not by the question, but by who asked me the question. I’d had enough.
So in 2015, I wore the most colorful sari I could find and went to the Mumbai Pride Parade. What a feeling that was — of being myself, of strangers coming up to me and appreciating my sari and the best thing of all happened! Vishal Srivastava who was shooting for ‘Wajood’ met me there and offered me a role in his film- I couldn’t believe my ears! All it had taken for a small leap of faith into accepting myself in my own skin!
That was the turning point in my life- the film was appreciated all over the world and people started to recognise me. People often associate Trasngenders with prositution or asking for money on the streets, but I’d like to tell you all this: My name is Ganga, I am Transgender and I’m co-hosting a dance reality show on TV! I’ve had some tough days, but I fought them all to finally find beauty in just being me. I stand tall and filled with pride to tell you all that the tough days may make you feel like it’s the end sometimes, but it’s actually just that nudge from the Universe to break free and take the leap of faith! Make the jump — trust me, you will fly!”

Post Courtesy: Humans of Bombay.

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