How is “Has she been provoked?” still a question?


Sharad Protiti:

Aritry Adhikary, a Viqarunnisa student, was found dead — her body hanging from a ceiling fan – in her room. The principal of the school allegedly insulted her and the parents of the ninth-grader because she had cheated in an exam. (

The incident has triggered mass outrage across Bangladesh.

A path leading to suicide isn’t an easy one. There were at least 5 fully grown, well-established, well-educated adults surrounding the girl— at least one sentence from one person could have helped it! Please don’t try to rationalize suicide. It is not a rational decision, but rather an emotional response to a series of traumatic events. There is no point in trying to logically trace her thought processes at that time because SUICIDE IS NOT A RATIONAL DECISION. It’s the final step one takes when, for a prolonged period, they are unable to control the undesirable thoughts and emotions that spiral out of hand.


Aritry Adhikari
Source: bdnews24.con

And you ask, why would someone make such a fuss out of this and commit suicide? I could ask you back— why didn’t a single person take responsibility to ease her emotions? We could waste our breath, time and words on a hundred terrible sentences, and yet not utter ONE sentence that could have helped. Shame on humanity. Shame on people who think they have the authority to exercise power above and beyond what’s in the law.

School authorities shouldn’t be allowed to go an extra mile and put their opinion into a situation where there are clear laws on what should be done with someone who violated school regulations. For instance, if the rules tell you to suspend her, please do so without expressing your disappointment, or your concern over her poor upbringing. If you want to give her a TC, again, no extra comments are required. Go on with your duty by abiding by the school regulations; that alone would be a loud and clear signal that someone has done wrong! However, I feel that what she did was not even a crime that needed serious punishment! Let me tell you what a crime is. A crime is what you did to illegally admit students into the school to attain self-interest. A crime is when you fail to make your school the learning home for your students and kill them instead. A small warning and a little bit of counseling would suffice. Please note that when you add your unsolicited comments to show power over hearts that are already filled with sheer guilt, fear, and helplessness, it can only do them more harm than good!

Isn’t it obvious that an ordinary girl could have felt that she lost everything when she was on the verge of being kicked out from the school that her parents idolized for years? Wouldn’t she be filled with guilt to have “put her parents in a dreadful situation that they can never recover from”? Isn’t it obvious that, after constantly reminding her that she’s apparently committed a crime worse than murder, she’d lose her mind? Aren’t we all humans? She was only 15 after all. And the others were 50-60-year-old emotionally unintelligent, apathetic adults, who couldn’t spare one positive message to someone who was about a quarter of their age. At least 5 established adults, yet not one who remotely thought of mental health.

Not everybody is emotionally strong enough to suffer through their failures. Should they be allowed to live? Absolutely. Can we help? Could we not? Someone could have said, “Although you shouldn’t have done that, we are past that now…and you know what, we’ll get you admitted to a different school where you can learn from your mistakes. It’s okay to make a mistake, but it’s essential to learn from it.”

Come on, people! Wake up! Every life matters! Every life matters more than your ego, your social image, your power, your opinions and your education system— a system that is supposed to nurture students with love and care. Teachers, we turn to you when our families fail to understand us. How can you turn us away? How can you not see the innocence amidst every mistake we make? How is it so hard to find someone who loves us enough to not let us die..a little every day.


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