I celebrate my fish and myself every day


WC Desk:

“I’ve been a fisherwoman since the last 25 years. While growing up, I always looked at women wearing fine jewelry and thought to myself, ‘someday, I’ll have my own’ and got so happy even thinking about it. Years went by, I put everything I earned into my children’s education and marriage but always kept my childhood wish at the back of my mind.
At the age of 50, when my response was a little less, I saved enough money to buy this gold necklace and these gold earrings. Everyone asks me why I wear all my jewelry to come and sell fish…they believe I should only wear them on important occasions. But they don’t know that I celebrate my fish and myself every day — that’s how I made my childhood dream come true, so every day is an important occasion!”
Story Source: Humans of Bombay



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