I wanted to be my own boss


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“I wasn’t that good a student & was always a back bencher. I grew up in a modest conservative household with many rules…I had to even ask my parents for permission to have maggi! So from a young age, I wanted to get out of the house, work and be independent. At 17, I took up odd jobs of collecting donations and selling pickles. I wanted to start earning. I was applying to colleges side by side,but I wasn’t getting admission because of my low grades–eventually my mom had to pay to get me in.
In college, I tagged along with my friend for her interview in Gurgaon. While I was just waiting for her, she said, ‘Why don’t you also give it a shot, anyway you’re doing nothing’–so I gave it! Out of the 80 people who applied, I was the only one who got in! I hadn’t even graduated but the thought of going to work and making my own money excited me. I decided to drop out and take it and didn’t stop for the next 18 years!
Along the way I got married and had a son, but I always knew that I’d continue working. When my son was 2 weeks old I’d take him to work, even during night shifts. I’d put him in a crib there. One hand was on my son and the other on my laptop. It was manic. I’d work odd hours in the night and spend mornings taking care of my son–but I loved it! My husband and I made a great team!
But around 2 years ago–I was itching to start something of my own. All I knew was I wanted to be my own boss. Around that time, an artisan’s work blew my mind. It was shocking that his sales were low. So I decided then to curate the work of these talented artisans and take them to the world. I created a platform and began my hunt! Within months, 50 artisans came on board and our sales took off! At first, juggling my job with this was tough. But I decided to go all in and quit.
6 months ago, I registered on Amazon, since then business has skyrocketed! We met our 2 year sales goal in 4 months! So now, my dreams have become bigger–I want to reach the remotest part of India and take our homegrown artisans to the world! There will come a day, where these artisans who were once on the verge of closing shop, are recognized globally and I’m not stopping until then! I’ve only just started, there ain’t no stopping this backbencher – college dropout – super mom – entrepreneur!”

Story Courtesy: Humans of Bombay



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