I was asked to behave ‘ladylike’

Shweta Sakharkar.:
We talk about how girls aren’t protected when cases like Nirbhaya or Asifa come to light, but in reality– it’s a fight every day. I chose to be a bodybuilder because I felt passionate about fitness and protecting myself. I trained hard and stuck to a strict diet, confident that my body would never fail me. But the more weight-lifting I did, the larger the mental burden was– men started messaging me to ‘wrestle with them in bed,’ I started to get voice messages of men getting off to my photos, I was called a ‘bitch’ a ‘slut,’ I was threatened to be ‘f**ked real hard.’ I was even offered Rs. 95,000 to sleep with a married man.
The worst part? At a time when I was down and out and needed the support of women to fight these men off– I was told by multiple ladies that it was ‘my own fault’. I was asked to ‘behave more ladylike’ and ‘not show off my muscles to entice men’. Some of them even asked me ‘how I would get married if I wasn’t petite!’– the fault it seems was mine.
This is our country– hold all the candlelight marches and silent protests you want, but until this basic mindset changes, it will fall on deaf ears. Basically, we’re screwed both ways because even the people in power aren’t really bothered. We’re being ruled by tyrants who want to safeguard their own seats– even if WE’RE the collateral damage. Because f**k women and their ‘sob stories’– we want votes and that’s all we care about!”
Story credit: Humans of Bombay


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