If you take one step towards something, the Universe meets you halfway


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“I didn’t have a normal childhood — I was sent to school in spurts, had no time to study because I had to help out at home and at 12 I got my first full-time job. At 18, I was married and soon after became a mother. Turns out, my husband was an alcoholic and passed away a few years into our marriage — I became a single mother to two children. I was devastated at the time, wondering what I would do and how I would manage, but somehow I got the strength to power through — my children were my biggest motivation.
I think life was preparing me for this moment because I picked up multiple odd jobs with ease –all my employers were kind and appreciated my hard work. Within a few weeks, I was back on my feet — my husband had left us no savings, so I don’t think I ever had a choice.
What I realized though is that if you take one step towards something, the Universe meets you halfway — not only was I able to put food on the table, I was also able to send both my children to school. I was so excited to send them off to school on their first day — shiny shoes, new books, sharpened pencils… at that moment, my entire life seemed worth it.”

Story Source: Humans of Bombay


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