Prostitute! What does this word mean ?

Shina Kalra:

It is a  word,  if ever used for a girl, she will feel accused or in simple word its an abusive word. Once said, that girl would never like to talk to that person again.

But have we ever thought about those girls who live this life ? Who listen to this word everyday. .
They are not called by their real names but denoted as prostitutes.
Have we ever thought or even tried to get into their shoes. No! That is a big no because being in their shoes is something which no one likes to do. But I want to know what life they live and why they live such life. Have we ever thought what kind of feeling they get when they go somewhere and people call them by different names such as “Call Girls”, “prostitutes” and so on.
One day I was sitting on a dhaba at 12.30 at night and I saw many girls well dressed. Some of them were in skirts, some were in one piece dresses, they were looking glamorous and beautiful. There hair were straightened and were holding glittery bags. I thought they were coming from some party. Roaming all around near dhaba, I thought must be waiting for someone. Might be there someone speacial is late in picking them up. I was smiling looking at them, for them being so pretty till the time I heard their voice. There voices were harsh and painful. My mind was boggled and me trying to have dinner was unable to eat. Without even talking to them there voice was telling there story. The sorrow they were going through, the pain they feel, being helpless. It all didn’t affect anything but their voice. When a person talk their voice and eyes silently tell their story and similar was case with them but all others were blind and deaf to hear that.
After few minutes my friend poked me to eat rather than looking at them. I told her that I feel something is wrong with these girls, lets go and talk to them. These men who are talking to them doesn’t look good to me. Lets check with them if they need any sort if help. My friend stopped me and told me that they are prostitutes. she said, don’t go near them.
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Few minutes back I was thinking about them waiting for their someone special. But being at such position, will they ever get their someone special? Will someday,  some  prince charming will come on his white horse to rescue them?Girls often wait whole their lives for that prince charming with shinning armor but that is really LATE for them. The dreams are already dead!
But I didn’t stop and went up to to one of the girls to talk. She was pretty and well dressed. Her English was quite good and on asking got to know she is graduate too. She was just like me! I asked her what she was doing there at this time. She told me, she is working; she works as a sex  worker who gets paid. But me being me can’t stop after only few questions. My questions continued and in the meanwhile a guy approached her and spoke to her in the worst way one could. Any girl at her place would have slapped that guy but she responded to his question of being free and was ready to go with him.
I couldn’t really continue with my conversation so took her number. And later, I did resume my conversation and got to know she is well educated but after her dad’s death she has to take care of everyone at her home. She has three younger sisters and she has to take care of studies of all of them. On that I asked her as she could join some another job. But all other jobs don’t pay well for everything to be taken care of. I could understand her situation. She said she doesn’t want any of her sister to go through any such dire situation. My conversation with her bought tears to my eyes.
One thing I realized was boldness in their looks and sorrow and helplessness in their voice is due to one or another reason. They are just like us. God has made them in exactly same way buy its their situation which has bring them to such point. But people just see their body, the way they get dressed and go with different people for money.No one ever see what they are going through in their lives. My friend asked me to stay away from them as if they are untouchables and if we go close to them we’ll become nasty and there shadows will also make us impure. Rubbish!
She told me story of several girls- some are working for family, some because they don’t have work and are not educated. Some of them working for their kids and some for unwell family.
I even asked her what they feel when called by such names. She cried on that but then said she is habitual of listening all this, at least her family is able to have food, her sisters are studying properly and she will make sure that they work at good places and they don’t have to struggle like her. Our society loves to give names and comment on things without even knowing anything. I just request everyone to stop commenting without knowing their part of story.
I don’t know its illiteracy or poverty which has brought  them here but if we can’t respect someone then we do  not have right to disrespect anyone.
That night taught me one thing, never judge anyone before knowing them. Everyone’s life is a different struggle and a fight which they are trying to win. Be a girl or a guy just respect every work and people because work can’t be big or small nor the people. No one like to work in such way, no one want to be sex worker but there conditions push them to be one. I respect them for there will to give a good life to their people, I respect them for their patience to hear all such bad words for them and still continuing that struggle.

Shina kalra is post graduate in literature. She has done her M.A. in literature and completed her graduation from Zakir Hussain College, Delhi. In her free time, she loves to write and aspires to take writing as a full-time profession.

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