She transformed her adverse experience to her best strength: Can you?

Shahmika Agoon:

Shahmika Agoon

Most of the time I write about my children’s clients and post photos. My adult clients keep everything private. But she is different. She told me to write about her journey. She is my client and long-time helper. If I need any help, I call her. I met her in Reece’s old school when I was living in the women’s shelter. She is a mother of 5 children and was subjected to domestic violence. She is from Ghana and she did not have much schooling. So she could speak English but couldn’t write or read properly. As a mum of 5 children, she never worked in her life to earn money. So her husband used to abuse her. She is almost 6 ft tall and he is maybe a little shorter than her. He used to shout at her, control financial affairs in the house, and she had to beg on his feet to get some money to buy food for children. One day I told her that she needs to stop it. She was giving him power. She agreed but she was desperate to get some love from him. I think it was respect and value that she was looking for. The marriage was for over 20 years and abuse was almost for that long. By this time her husband married again in Ghana. He forced her to accept the marriage as he had two new children and he wanted to bring his new family to the UK  house. My client didn’t agree. So he took a harsh decision. He sold the house and made her and 5 children homeless. I was always there for her. She was crying like a baby every day. Her 5 children were depressed… I was always holding her hands. She kept asking me to make her as strong as me so she can survive. I tried my best. All the time. It was not easy for her to leave her own house and move to a council house. Moreover, the hidden truth was council thought that she was doing it on purpose to get the benefit because of her skin color. So everything was tough for her. Her husband left for Ghana with most of the money. But the council managed to get three months’ advance for renting property. So they moved there. I invited the children a lot of times but they were avoiding socializing…. avoiding everything. Their house was next to the school. It was making them more depressed when they were going to school and someone else was living there. She became very fearful. She could not drive properly, shaking with fear while driving, even shaking with fear during a car wash, no confidence, no self-esteem. She could not do any job. I used to help her with paperwork. I also arranged for a job interview, she went and had a panic attack and ran away from there. I told her to take admission to adult college. She did it.

Gradually over the years, she changed herself. She visited me yesterday. I opened the door and she was standing in front of me, wearing a carer uniform. She came to show me and hug me. She came to thank me! A lot of people might think it is not a big deal! But it is a big deal for her and of course for me. Because the lady was standing in front of me yesterday, was a very confident lady who won her battle. She took the responsibility of five children on her own and did everything she could as a single mother. A lot of people depend on welfare and don’t bother to work but she didn’t do it. She learned how to read and write. She managed her children very well and her elder son had some serious issues but she sorted everything very nicely. I can see a bold, beautiful lady who did step into her power. I respect her. I am proud of my work because it changes people’s lives positively. Thank you, God, for everything.


  • Reece is the writer’s son.
  • The original version of the write-up was published by the writer on her Facebook timeline on 4th June 2021.  We published this write-up with the writer’s consent.

About the writer:

Shahmika is a holistic practitioner, focusing on the client’s body, mind, emotion, energy, and spirituality during the session.  She is also a trainer for Law of Attraction. Shahmika has a wide breadth of knowledge of treatments including Kinesiology, Nutrition, EFT, Matrix, and Reiki, and is renowned internationally for her unique treatment methods, talking therapy, and public speaking. Shahmika treats adults and children with pain relief, gut issues, allergy, hay fever, tinnitus, stress, depression, anxiety, and trauma, as well as seeing clients with autism, learning disabilities, and hyperactivity. Shahmika can fluently speak Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, and English and is an accomplished author, with her books having been published in Bengali.




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