Touching me without my permission is not okay

Via Humans of Bombay:

“I always wanted an elder brother but never had one. But, with time my cousin’s brother and I got really close. We hung out together, watched movies, and trekked with friends and family. Even after he got married, our bond remained the same. It was nice to have someone I could relate to, in the family.
A few years ago, it was Rakshan Bandhan and we decided to celebrate at his house. He came to pick me up and on our way, he casually informed me that no one was home. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it.
We reached his house and were chatting away. In our conversation, he suddenly asked me if people from work had ever ‘acted weird’ with me. I’ve worked in Marathi serials and have had people promising me work if I’d ‘sleep with them’. So, I told him about it.
I didn’t realize in what direction he meant to take the conversation. After I was done talking, he took his phone and asked if I’d like to watch porn with him. I was clueless. When I asked him if he’d lost his mind, he just apologized.
I couldn’t move because I was so shocked. That’s when he came and sat next to me—put his hand on my shoulder and then slipped it under my t-shirt. I felt sick and disgusting. I got up and slapped him across his face.
I asked him if he’d do the same if I was his real sister or wife…and he said ‘No’. I was so angry and baffled! When I started to leave, he asked me to stop and apologized while masturbating right in front of me. It was traumatizing, he was someone I called my brother.
Somehow, I gathered myself and left from there, feeling sick to my stomach. As soon as I came home, I decided to tell my sister. But she said that I was wrong. And that I would’ve been the one to ‘start it’. That hurt me even more, and I went into a shell.
I couldn’t tell anybody what had happened—I didn’t think anybody was going to believe me. I couldn’t digest that this wasn’t a horrible nightmare but my reality.
This went on for days until a friend met me. For the first time perhaps I cried about it all. I cried my pain, anger, frustration, disgust, trauma—everything out. My friend consoled me and told me this cannot continue and that I need to take a stand for myself instead of punishing myself for what happened. That stayed with me.
So here, this, is probably the first time I’m fearlessly telling the world, what he did to me. This is my only way to bring some justice and shine a light on his crimes. We’re meant to keep quiet when it happens within the family…but what good will that do? I’m afraid of being shamed by own family, but I hope that they realize that doing something like this, violating someone else and scaring them… is not okay. Touching me without my permission is not okay.“

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