Warm Wishes for Women Chapter

On the occasion of Women Chapter’s 4th Birthday, Ms Sadia Rahman sent a warm birthday wish to us:

Have a blast my friend.
As far I know Women Chapter started it’s journey four years back from now. I don’t recall the exact moment of our introduction. I was immature back then. Still writings from Women Chapter made me feel like “ok! I am not the only one on earth who faced these things”. There was a feel of “Sisterhood”. People always brag about brotherhood. What I always learnt from my surroundings was that forging a bond of sisterhood is not possible. They say so probably because we women are not united. We never had a platform for us only. We never got the opportunity to get united. We were scattered.

Women Chapter was the platform to create a feeling of “sisterhood”. This place has gathered us into one platform. This at the same time fueled the Idea of sisterhood and stood beside the sisters as a friend.
Patriarchy has suppressed us for years, society has molested us in every step.Still we are forced to live a substandard life in most cases. But now we have a friend. Women Chapter. Here we share, we roar, we speak, we sing, we open up our wings of thoughts and fly. A friend that always cares about our feelings,our experience, our grief. A friend that does not leave us in trouble. A friend to rely on. A friend to depend on. A friend to fight with. A friend to dream about changing the rotten system of years.

Women Chapter; my dear friend wish you a very happy birthday. Have a blast. We have a long journey ahead.

Editor’s Note: Thank you Sadia for your warm wishes. It is our well wishers and audience who keep us going.

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