What does not allow us to move forward?

Nastassia Vintila:

My name is Nastassia. And I am a writer, journalist. When I was a child, I often heard phrases that “this is impossible” or “you will not get it.” Propaganda of indecision, obsessive pressure on the subconscious, negative instructions. But, what really does not allow us to develop? What prevents an ordinary person from moving forward?

Let’s imagine…

Let’s imagine that each of us has the ability of an eagle eye. When we can objectively analyze what is happening.

You are standing in the middle of the field. No one else, just you and the wind that plays fluffy grass. Everything is calm, and it seems that you will now make a step. You’ll pause and feel the soft grass under your feet. But instead, you stand still and do not move.

Then you start looking around. Sunny day, right forest, ahead you see the outlines of people, on the left – the lake.

So what are you standing there for?

Here in memory the phrases from the past that step forward are impossible come up You start to lower your head all the lower and lower.

Gradually ignoring the sunlight, you become immobile and like a stone.


And now “turn on” the “eagle eye”. And we think, analyze, examine ourselves. What prevents us from moving? Fear of the unknown? Phrases from the past that everything is impossible? You yourself?

Do not immediately force yourself to change lives. Do not make a sharp attempt to “commit” the jump forward. The first step is to raise your eyes and let yourself see the sunlight.

And what about criticism?

When I say that there is no point in reacting to negativity, I do not mean constructive criticism. When someone, perhaps a person close to you, tries to suggest something with love, this is no reason not to react. However, remember – you make the final decision.

So what’s the point?

The whole point is to learn to hear yourself and understand what a “measure” is. Measure means that you must understand where to stop. Do I need to hear the words of others? Yes. But there is no other’s life to live. Do you need to eat only negative – no. Take it into account? – to some extent, yes.

Altogether, but the main position is given to you. You decide what you will do, as well as the main thing you are responsible for. Do not pay attention to the sharp negative and “swim” in the negative. Believe me, all this imaginary field is your life.

Fall is a good reason to rise

Your dreams are not foolish. Your aspirations are not an empty place. Put first things first. Listen to your heart and do not allow such an opportunity as the crushing of your hopes.

When I was just starting to write books, stories, a lot of negative things were pouring down on me.

“Did you finish the literary courses?” people shouted after me, far from reading.

No. Moreover, I left the university and went at the will of the heart to another country. We cannot deny the fact that we must comply with established social norms. But let’s take note of the fact that we are not only a part of society. Each of us is an Individual. A unique creature that has not only a physical shell, but also consciousness, soul and heart.

We really should respect each other. We have no right to violate the freedom of another. But no one has the right to impose to us the meaning of life.

Go forward, explore, look for ways of self-reliance. Do not be afraid of problems. It’s scary not to have a problem, it’s terrible not to be able to solve it. You all can, because you have the most important thing – you yourself!

Nastassia Vintila is  originally l from Belarus and currently living in the USA.
She was previously a columnist in Chicago News. She is an author of several published books and is volunteer for LOVE and Care for people worldwide (UNESCO)




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