Woman or  Human?

Mostafa Shabuj

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Art  like song, decoration, literature, and classical dances

A woman’s place is limited by humanity’s narrowness,

What else in the metaphors of a poem without women?

If the  heart underneath the chest of man be that of a human

Then is not the heart beneath the woman’s breast also a human’s?

You have bounded the woman to her hearth by religions

And covered her from head to toe in ornamental clothes.

Again, in the name of modernity and pseudo  feminism-

Sometimes you have rendered her naked, mad or drunk.


From the age of Adam to the age of Krishna’s Kali avatar

You have left the woman as she is, not as a human.

Your orchestration of civility is so base

That you have divided humans and labeled some as women

There is no place for the title of woman in the wild,

Nobody has names, and none call each other by name

And yet they are not like men, cruel and divisive.

You have given women the “rights of a prisoner”

Have you ever considered giving her the right to be human?


Did Prometheus steal the Fire of Heaven-

For the love of men alone?

Your good deeds are boasted across the Human World.

And what of the Woman!

Woe, she is witless, simple and has lived inside a hut.

In all the world’s wars, debates and failures

You have wrecked, raped, and pillaged women,

And worn the garland of victory and  manhood 

You have been honored with authorize scholarships

With the titles of “Warlord”, “Freedom Fighter”, or “King”.

But to woman, you have only given the spoils of the terror unleashed,

And while thus you bask in the glory of your name,

The woman suffers shame even within the walls of her home.

And this, this “men” is the measure of your chivalry.


You seek women in rebellion, in heat, in sadness and in chastity

But never do you seek her as a human.

You have played God and taken her measure in fire

And pushed her into Hell’s hot fire.

You have given her the place of a Goddess;

You have called her Mother and honored the  best

Have you ever given her place of a human?

In mosques, temples, brothel or at home-

You had women as you always wanted them to be.

Whorehouse, brothel, knocking shop, bagnio, Randi

All made into feminine words, and never masculine,

The Woman has become the contents of enjoyment,

Then why not the man?

Have you ever seen a male belly dancer ?

Have your society ever demanded for a male virgin ?

Or, you ever seen a male prostitute?

To the weak gratify women and their lives

You say how sad they are about their plight!

But you never been able to equal their rights.

Your crocodile tears and gratitude are the seeds of patriarchy

A trick to separate humanity and keep women enslaved.



Mostafa Shabuj is a freelance journalist and poet from Bangladesh. He completed his M.A. in Sociology from South Asian University, New  Delhi, India. He writes poem and articles  both in Bengali and English for numerous newspapers and magazines. 



This poem was initially written in Bengali and later translated by  Abir Lal Mazumder;  a budding researcher who hails from West Bengal, India. Currently he is  pursuing his PhD from Sociology Department, South Asian University, New Delhi. 



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