26 Madrasha students raped, 4 tortured and 1 crippled in Bangladesh during November 2020

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 Last month, November 2020, at least 26 children have been reportedly raped by teachers in different Qwami Madrasas, Maktabs, and Mosques. Out of them, 24 are boys and 2 girls. Four children faced ruthless torture while one became lifetime crippled. 

A title of Somoytv on October 3, 2020 reads ‘Madrasa boy raped after tying his hands-legs’. The incident took place in Narayanganj. The victim went to a fishery project in North Shaktoli village on November 3 afternoon. Finding him single Ana Mia allegedly took him to a nearby abandoned machine house, tied his legs and hands, and later raped him. This Ana Mia is not a person who belongs to a Madrasa. He is a businessman in the profession. You can ask me why I brought this topic here while the rapist is a businessman. Of course, there is a reason, the reply will be – Ana Mia thought that Madrasa student used to face rape regularly. What was the problem if he does so!  

The following day, on November 4, another title of Somoytv reads ‘Madrasa teacher held for raping student in Laxmipur’. If you go through the news, you will find that 6 boys were raped by him. I would say that the real scenario is still missing here. I think the teacher attempted to rape every child of the Madrasa. He might not be successful to rape everyone, but all of them were victimized by his lust. Probably, the last victim disclosed the matter and the incidents came to light.  And if anyone won’t reveal, the teacher would never have been caught. Look, here either police interrogated him and found the information or the children disclosed the incidents. I said it before. I would like to request the police, from now on, in every case the culprits must be quizzed well. So, all the rape incidents get screened.  If the students are asked nicely they may also speak the truth. The police should bring out every incident of that very Madrasa. In an incident of last month, we saw how a police officer did it meritoriously. 

You may have noticed that we are getting such news every now and then. Some day we get multiple pieces of news. But how many reports on justice being served? After so many days, on November 05, 2020, we heard that ‘Madrasa teacher served lifetime for raping 5th grader’. You read my book, seeing such news nowadays. What is the ratio of justice in comparison to the incidents that occurred in Madrasa? It means, the rapists escape justice through legal loopholes and repeatedly take steps to commit similar crimes. 

 The eyes of many readers got stuck on a report published on November 14. The title reads ‘Children raped showing fear of curse’! This is the most used method to rape children in Qwami Madrasa. Such titles are not new. Very often it is found that many Madrasa teachers use to rape students showing them the fear of doing harm by using the Quran, or murdering Jin (invincible creature), or hurting parents. This is an obsolete way. Now it is a question that how much illogical, imaginary, and unreal thoughts get room in a child’s mind? This is taught by families. The kids get such lessons from every senior member of his/her family along with the surrounding people. Children hear from the Islamic speakers that the Jwin (invincible creature) invite children or use to take them luring fruits, sweets. Video of such speech is available on everyone’s mobile phone. Such videos have millions of shares on Youtube or Facebook. Who will save the children from such a nuisance? Not only the belief as such, 95 percent of people believe that a Hafez of the Quran possesses such miraculous power. I may write many books or speak at talk shows, but what is the benefit? Guardians of those children would never read my book or watch the talk shows. The second offspring of the maid currently serves my home, studies in a Qami Madrasa. She often says, her child does not want to stay in Madrasa. If I tell her the real picture she won’t come back for work. 

I was torn seeing another news report in Daily Jugantor published on November 24. The title reads ‘Backbone of a boy cracked by Madrasa teacher’s torture. In the photo victim, Nur Jamal was seen sitting hunchbacked. There is a belt worn at his waist. Everyone must get hurt seeing his grimy face. What type of wrong he committed that he had to face such inhumane torture! However, no case was filed regarding the issue. Instead, denying such an incident the alleged Madrasa teacher, Hafez Md Abu Bakar, told the reporter that he just punished a little for mischief. A little mischief crippled the child. If the punishment was big, he might have killed the boy. The child had been undergoing treatment behind his family concern. The victim lost his ability to move to be hunchbacked. Nur Jamal now has to wear the belt on his waist. He is likely to keep wearing it for a lifetime. Alas! Life. The boy had to face such torture so that his parents may get heaven. But how a lifetime paralyzed boy will bear the burden of his parents along with himself! Doesn’t he bear the burden on his own? Everything is like a tale of uncertainty. The future of thousands of Qwami Madrasa students became unsure every year. How the nation will bear such paralysis?

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