The ‘Safety Report: Core Issues affecting Girls in the Developing World’ is a joint research featuring findings from diverse geographic locations and cultures. There are innumerable factors making the world unsafe especially for girls, and we found it necessary to search out the cause of these vices, so as to create solutions for the root from which these problems stem. Therefore, we aim to prove that multiple vices can arise from a core issue and to at least start to resolve these vices, the source has to be addressed.
Our paper takes a gendered approach on safety issues and with each subsequent paper, we want to prove why this is important in solving safety issues for girls, which in turn improves wellbeing and livelihood for both and all genders. We base our overall theme on the Data Analysis conducted by SAFIGI (Data Analysis on Core Issues affecting Girls. 2017) in Zambia, Egypt, USA, Namibia, South Sudan, and Tanzania.
In the ‘Safety Report: Core Issues affecting Girls in the Developing World’ we refer to the developing world as the rapidly evolving cultures and social dynamics in our global village. Digital evolution, technological breakthroughs, and better transportation systems have made a global culture possible. Developed and developing worlds are not at par with basic needs or education systems, and as we explore the Research papers from diverse settings including Africa, Asia, and the America‘s, we will see that core issues affecting girls remain the same regardless of their socio-economic background. The difference is in manifestation and available interventions on the said issues.
Each paper in the Safety Report shows a different concept and as we examine them further, we shall see how the core issues are interrelated regardless of the applicable region. The synopsis of each Research in this report will prove how universal issues affecting girls can be.
Chapter 1 of the Safety Report begins with an overview of the current situation of safety, and offers a generalized view on why a gendered approach is necessary to solve safety concerns. This is followed by themes from Africa, Asia, and then America‘s. These are divided only to show the dynamics of how women’s issues are universal and therefore, a unified approach is possible in solving these issues.
Chapter 2 contains papers with themes in the African region setting.  Chapter 3 focuses on Asia, though this section of the paper can truly relate to most regions in this refugee-crisis era.

Chapter 4 relates to both Latin America and the United States regions.
Hadassah Louis
Heba Elasiouty
Karin Temperley
Shucheesmita Simonti
Misumbi Shikaputo
Alinne Lopes Gomes
Steffica Warwick
Dr. Christina Sisti
Ahmed Mohamed Alaa El-Din
Mwaka Mwandwe
Katongo Musumba
Reproduced and summarized from SAFIGI’s website.
SAFIGI Outreach Foundation Ltd is a not for profit organization based in Zambia with a vision to raise a generation where girls are empowered, equipped and fulfilled in every aspect of their life, for the development of the entire world. To know more about SAFIGI’s goals and activities, visit:


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