Hope is Alive

Dear Friends,

Every day, all over the world, there are people working hard to create change and make a difference in the lives of those that have lost hope and those who feel discarded and abused. There are those who strive to support others and help them improve their lives, and there are individuals and groups whose goal is to speak out for those unheard. They carry the banner of hope and kindle the flame of love in our hearts, our homes, our communities, our countries and our world. They strive for peaceful communities that are free from abuse, fear and oppression.

I have dedicated myself to being among them, using my voice to serve those who feel voiceless especially for survivors and victims of family violence. Anyone can be empowered to move on and live with purpose and fulfilment even after an abusive experience. I am proof that you have the power within you to change your life and positively touch the lives of others, especially those who have given up hope. It is my absolute desire that survivors receive the support they need to create fulfilled lives for themselves. I believe survivors can learn to trust, love, improve their well-being and prosper if they have faith in themselves and open their hearts. I also recognize that some, if not most, need support to achieve this. I am very grateful and could not be more proud of our team, volunteers, advisors and board of directors who continue to work tirelessly to help us accomplish our mission and move Love and Care for People forward with every day. “I am Ini, I am a voice for the many abandoned, marginalised and abused children, girls, young people and women in the world. I am the face of those who have been used, abused and deceived. More importantly, I am the face of victory, hope and determination. I am a survivor, and I am very privileged to be part of a wonderful network of voices working for a better and just world for us, our children and our planet.

I am Ini.It is with great pleasure that I and everyone at Love and Care for People welcome you to our family. With your support, kindness and generosity, we will continue to empower individuals and their communities!

With all my love,

Ini Usanga

Founder Love and Care for People

About Ini and LCP:

For over a decade, Ini has been a leading community and international advocate for human rights; violence against children, girls, young people and women, gender equality, and for those living in poverty.

She has been part of various organizations, having been featured in The Red Elephant Foundation, Girl’s Can’t What, Women of Rubies, to mention a few. She is very passionate about issues of social justice, reproductive rights, equality, and fairness.

Ini is a Family Violence expert, Gender-Based Violence expert, Girl Child activist, trainer, transformational and inspirational speaker, a self-development coach, entrepreneur, mentor, critical thinker, idea generator and philanthropist. She also has expertise in quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, including surveys.

Ini created Love and Care for People with six of her friends, namely Ado Mazombe, Magdalina Siekamiec, Pierre Ruben Tetwoso, Kouakou Koffi, Peggy Mangidi Bakulu and Thomas Siekamiec.


Love and Care for People was created for two main reasons. First, Ini saw Love and Care for People as being a way to give back to the community of people in Ireland who supported her without judgement when she was in despair. Second, Ini wanted to make a difference by reciprocating the care and support she received. That’s where the initiative for Love and Care for People began.

Love and Care for People has initiated over 40 projects in education, health care, and has provided food and sanitary supplies to schools, care homes for abandoned children, woman’s shelters, etc. We have sponsored the education of over 50 children and provided seed funds to over 20 small-scale businesses for survivors of family violence in Africa.

Love and Care for People has organized several outreach programmes and offered vocational skills training to victims of family abuse. Currently, the organisation is developing child protection and human rights trainings in Nigeria as a pilot programme for Africa.


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