If a girl has an online friend she has never met


Better be safe than sorry!

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Here Amanda from Philippines shares her thoughts on online friendship:

WiFi. Ask the average urban person what they cannot spend a day without and they will certainly mention the internet. The rise of social media has also made the web experience more exciting. The world is becoming more a global village and now we can even talk to someone from oceans away in a matter of seconds. Thanks internet.

Social media has even opened doors to meeting people we would have never actually met in real life. And the way these networks work is that you can so easily connect with people with the same interests as you without having the social anxiety that could come if it happened in real life.

Speaking of real life, remember that the profiles you see online only show a certain perspective of a person. It is very difficult to judge a person character by how well they present their profile which is why I insist to refrain from getting overly involved with people you’ve never met.

The odds could be that the stranger you are chatting with is actually real, of course they are. It could be that the online personality is not exactly what they look or sound like in real life. It could even be a scammer out on a prowl or at its worst, a downright criminal.

Don’t worry. I know you want me to tell you that the cute guy or girl you have been chatting with for months is real. The truth is, I don’t know and neither will you unless you meet them. If you find yourself falling for someone you’ve never met, talk to a close friend or a trusted adult about it. Be ready to listen to their advice.

Have a skype call with the online personality so you can see what they really look like and even if you do that, remember that you can never really know someone till you meet them. And if you choose to meet someone from the internet, take someone with you always for at least three of those meetings until you are sure the person can be trusted.

Never feel intimidated to cut off an online contact if you start to have doubts. Better safe than sorry ey. Remember, the internet is a great resource, but you have to use it wisely. As a matter of fact, go out there and make some friends in real life, then you will have the best of both worlds.

Usually found composing songs, reading, writing stories or blogging, Amanda a girl with a wide range and variety of emotions and a great passion for novelty.

About Amanda:

Her lifelong dream is to help make a change in the world, one small step at a time. Can be defined using tons of different opposing adjectives and thus, she calls herself “a paradox in motion.” To know more about her quirkiness, check out throughtheparadox.tumblr.com

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