In search of few sustainable solutions

Rokshana Talukdar:

Nature did not do  justice while creating females because females apparently have less physical strength. This ‘less physical strength’ is leading towards a lot of violence on females. There is a popular concept on ‘Nature’ vs. ‘Nurture’. Rather than debating on that, we need to find out a solution to overcome the problem right now by using the concept of ‘Nurture’. Like, from pre-primary level every educational institutes need to introduce self-defense training to their female students and need to continue the training till at least High school level.

Subjects like Gender Studies and Home Economics should be compulsory for every students from Primary level and should not be limited for only one specific gender because learning about home science and our own body parts will make a safer world by making oneself more aware about himself or herself in a right way. On the other hand, lessons from home science will help a child to develop his or her life skill, which will keep a deeper impact in the long run. Cooking, sewing, taking care of children- both the husband and wife needs to take same kind of responsibility here and women’s are not bound to take all of these on their shoulder just for their sex or gender, whatever it is. As most of the patriarchal society wants to depict the picture of a perfect family by seeing their daughters, mothers, wives and other females in a domestic environmental role and in most of the case tries to impose this only on women, it is time to teach the life skills of surviving in the world by learning home science. Few chapters from law book will also make everyone aware like- dowry, domestic violence, polygamy, acid throwing, eve teasing, rape, kidnapping what are those and what is the punishments for each crimes. By this way, a wide range of population will know about the punishments of the crimes and hopefully they will do their best to protect the society.

Few years back, Ex-Bangladesh Bank’s Governor Dr. Atiur Rahman introduced a theory of ‘Economics of Love’ and shared his good theory with media, where he wanted to say that, in most of the houses in Bangladesh women are being forced to do household chores and the other members of the family remains as a beneficiary of her service.  Dr. Atiur Rahman suggested in his theory that, if one need to pay service charge to his helping hand then why not do the same with their own females who are doing and helping them by doing household chores. Dr. Atiur Rahman clearly suggested for the service charge in exchange of getting household works done by Home Makers. And the total procedure will be more smooth if we can pay this service charge by opening a bank account in the name of that particular home maker’s.

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Pre and Post- Marriage Group and Individual Psychological Free counseling services need to introduced by the Government as the scenario of domestic violence is very depressing and more over divorce rate is also higher than near past.

Few amendments in Family law is needed, like now a days couples are filing case and showing reason that mentally not matching with each other, here some more elaborate explanation need to give by the spouse who wants to file the case and no divorce should happen until they can show concrete evidence against his or her life partner. Laws are made for the benefit of people but there should not be any loophole in the law which will encourage the wrong doers to do wrong deeds. Another important issue is, inheritance law, as this matters are mostly decided by the religion, no amendment is needed actually from the government but the families those who has strong bonding will never discriminate with their boys and girls for some property and wealth.

The concept of Pre-Marital Agreement or Prenuptial Agreement is new in Asian Sub continent but it can solve a lot of family disputes. In this agreement, couples can mention their expectations, roles, responsibilities from their future life partners, even they can decide the consequences also if any one or both violate the terms and conditions according to the agreement beforehand. Even, they can mention here what will happen if the relationship do not work out, responsibilities for children etc.

They say, when two utensils stay together, it is bound to make sound. The thing is that, utensils do not have life but we humans have. So, we need to handle our own lives and others lives gently, whenever any disputes arise we need to look for solution and avoid violence in every possible way. Because we are the best among all the creatures of the world and our acts should reflect that only.

The writer is  a professional Teacher and Teacher’s Trainer. Her passions include writing, reading, travelling and gardening.








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