Nasima Begum: Story of a Successful Woman Farmer

nasimaThat time there was no one interested to give me work, and I repeatedly asked for work to the people but I didn’t find any proper way. And I found my own way out, vegetable farming. I am Nasima Begum (37), I’m from the village named Sonatola of the Burirchar Union of Barguna Sadar Upazila. I got married at a very early age with a rickshaw puller named: Abdul Jalil Mridha (42). He has only 5 decimal lands in Khaler Char.

We started living in this land by building a house. We have four daughters and it seemed impossible for the rickshaw puller Jalil to bear the expenses of the education of four children, as well as to maintain our family. Thus he became indebted. He even thought to go somewhere else in search of livelihood. In the year of 2010, I Became interested in vegetable cultivation, but I couldn’t do so as I had no money on that time. I asked for leasing land to the people of my locality but I couldn’t manage either money or land. From other local people I came to know that, I could get loan from the non-government organization BRAC and from then I started contacting with BRAC. But I did not know any one there, and because of being a woman farmer it was not easy for me to get a loan. After contacting for a long time, then in 2011, I took a loan of BDT 15,000/- from BRAC Bank. With this money I started cultivating vegetables by leasing land. I grew- Lal Shak (red amaranth), Pui Shak (Indian spinach), gourd, beans, pumpkin, corola(bitter gourd), okra and other vegetables in my field. With the help of BRAC Bank I received 3 days training on vegetable & fish cultivation and rearing poultry. By utilizing the knowledge of the training I cultivated my vegetable field with organic fertilizers. I myself cultivate land, sow seeds, clean weeds, build platform, apply fertilizers, irrigate the land, and rear the poultry. As my home is in the Khal Char (small deltas in the river), so it is easy for me to rear ducks. I regularly spend 6 to 7 hours for vegetable cultivation and 4 to 5 hours rearing duck and household chores. If I faces any problem in agriculture I directly contact with the agriculture office over the phone and try to solve it. That is how I am benefitted from my vegetable cultivation. My rickshaw puller husband reimbursed the installments of the loans with his earning. We together contribute for the maintenance of the family and children’s education. Our 2nd daughter is studying in class 7, 3rd daughter is studying in class 4 and the youngest daughter is studying in class 1. We spent BDT 20,000 for the marriage of our elder daughter. We have taken lease of 30 decimal lands for cultivating vegetable for 5 years, where we are now cultivating vegetables and fish. I have bought a van for my husband for carrying goods from here and there. We go to the market directly for selling our vegetables. My husband is earning well by driving the van, he helps me in cultivation of fish and vegetables.nasima1

I want better education and jobs for my daughters and dream that my daughters would have a better future and good grooms. As I have no land so I want to buy land and build a good house.

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