The early ages are what shapes a human being into what they become

Via Humans of Dhaka City:

”Being raised as an only daughter, I had a different approach towards life. There was a lot I did not understand. The very first attack took place when I was only in grade 4. I was at a mall with two other small children. A man came towards us. My instinct told me that there was something wrong about him. That was the first time I ever got molested in my life. What a day that was. After that I had faced more trauma of sexual harassment throughout the years. My mother is my best friend and the reason of my being. I confessed to her years later. Over the years one thing I have learnt is that to be woman, you have to be very strong. You have to be bold and you have to be brave. I do not let past events rule my life but I think it is important to talk about such situations openly. This causes awareness and may prevent such trauma occurring with others. I will be open with my kids from the very beginning. It is important for them to understand good touch and bad touch. Children can be so innocent and the early ages are what shapes a human being into what they become.”

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