My Period is not a sickness

Pad 3Mukasree Chakma: No, I don’t say ” শরীর খারাপ” ( I am sick) when i am having my period. If somebody ask me why I am not doing as I work everyday. I tell them I am having my periods and I am having stomachache or whatever I am having . I DONT GO ROUND AND ROUND WITH WORDS HOPING THE PERSON WHOM I AM TALKING WITH WILL UNDERSTAND….. It’s not a sickness. It’s natural. We shouldn’t be ashamed for being natural!!

We shouldn’t be banned from religious ceremony when we are having period, we shouldn’t feel we are impure. ( if seriously god is great then I assume he/she is wise enough too to understand this happens for the sake of reproduction, if he/she doesn’t understand it I doubt in his/her almightiness). We should tell our bosses and co workers why we can’t run with our works as we do rest of the month. When we are asked, we should say very clearly “because I am having my period”. If he /she doesn’t tend to understand it CONFRONT HIM/HER . Let them know women deals with period in their own ways. Some remains fine just like other days, some feels uncomfortable.

Also dear girls, ask the dispensary guy not to wrap your pads as if you are carrying alcohol bottles. period is not the thing women should be ashamed of. Feel ashamed when you cheat, you lie, you cause harm to others, you hurt others with your selfishness. STOP feeling ashamed for having periods!

DEAR boys, stop being dickhead regarding periods. you are here in this world because a portion of human kind have periods and other parts have the XY chromosomes. We need both for a natural birth. As you think taking pride on dick is manhood just remember period is a part of womanhood too.

P.S: I am SOOOOOO tired of men who make period jokes and of women who are ashamed for having it. I pity both of you.

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