Petition to ban child marriages in Nigeria

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Love and Care for People Worldwide, a non-profit organisation based in Ireland requested Muhammadu Bihari, the President of Nigeria to ban child marriage and forced marriages in Nigeria, by creating a petition on avaaz, the world’s largest and most effective online campaigning community for change.


  • According to The International Center for Research on Women (ICRW), 720 million women alive globally were child wives.
  • Unicef adds Nigeria is home to the highest number of child brides in Africa, with over 22 million girls and women married off at childhood.
  • This is a gross violation of human right and child abuse.
  • A free passport to poverty, isolation and deprivation and sexual slavery.
  • Child brides are children themselves; if they have children, how can they possibly care for the baby?
  • Young girls should be left to enjoy the innocence of their childhood
  • They are not mature to be wives
  • No child should experience labour pains; children should not be having children
  • Girls who end up as wives at a tender age are not yet fully developed as children themselves. They are robbed of their childhood years.

To sign the petition, visit: of_Nigeria_Ban_Child_Marriage_in_Nigeria/


About LCP:

Love and Care for People (LCP) or in Irish “Gra Agus Curam do Dhaoine” is an independent registered non-profit organisation, founded in 2004.

LCP is a safe haven where loving and caring supporters, volunteers and team members or as we say our family all work together to bring hope and provide Non-Judgemental Support, Education, Vocational Skills Training, Referral and Counselling services, Opportunities and Networks among other services to children, young people and women from different cultures and nationalities who are survivors, affected or at risk of Family Violence (including but not limited to Forced Marriage, Reproductive Abuse, Honour Based Violence, Disownment, Destructive Relationships, Child Abuse), Poverty and other Social Exclusion.

LCP works with other grassroot organisations and offers business and vocational skills training, mentorship as well as the necessary tools and resources for women and young people to become economically self-sustaining.



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