International Women’s Strike

Women Chapter Desk:

On March 8th, International Women’s Day, we are joining the International Women’s Strike in solidarity for a day of activism. We are offering “A Day Without A Woman” to send a clear message of resistance to the systems of patriarchy and capitalism that divide and oppress all women. We believe that these systems are upheld in part by the work—paid and unpaid—women perform on a daily basis and our significant purchase power as consumers.

We call for a return to the roots of International Women’s Day, which began on March 8th, 1908, when an estimated 15,000 women workers in the garment industry protested in New York City to demand shorter working hours, better pay, votes for women, and to commemorate a women workers demonstration 50 years prior in 1857.

The first National Women’s Day in the United States was organized by the Socialist Party of America on February 28th, 1909, to commemorate the 1908 garment workers strike.

The link between gender justice and economic justice is just as strong today as it was one century ago. We invite all women, gender-oppressed people, and our allies to return to the labor roots of International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2017.

The strong and longstanding tradition of women’s labor activism in the United States—and around the world—is often obscured and overlooked. We choose to honor that history, to honor the women labor activists who paved the way for us. We ask you to honor that history with us on March 8th, 2017, by participating in #DayWithoutAWoman.

In the two weeks leading up to March 8th, we will highlight some of the many labor activists and movements whose work inspired us to create A Day Without A Woman. We begin today, on #TBT, with three stories of resistance.

By: Women’s March on Washington

Source: Facebook

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