Satisfying a Woman is a Myth! 

Shina Kalra:
Yes, being a woman I agree to it! I know it sounds funny that being a girl, I am agreeing to it. But its a shame, not for us but for all the men out there.
Yes, its a myth because except for making a girl/woman orgasm you know nothing else. You know that you want to kiss her lips, you know how to touch her body, how to take off her clothes, wake up next to her and just all about it. You want to satisfy her, which is an ultimate goal but please try coming out of that bed sometimes. I agree that its a part to satisfy a woman but that’s no all about it! It’s just a PART! The ecstasy of coming together make one feel amazing but only if comes with few more things. Only intercourse is NO LOVE.
Sometimes, try knowing her, try to get in depths of her heart rather than her vagina. Try to know how she is, rather than asking “how was it?”. You never know what she is and what she is feeling. Women try to keep everything within them, but it’s a treasure if shared with someone. It might be the case that you trying to show her your love, but what’s reaching to her is only your lust. You never know, may be she don’t want to be in bed but been there just for you, may be she had a hard time, may be she is going through something you don’t know. May be she just want to sit next to you not worrying about what she is wearing, or lie in the sheets for you to look into her eyes and talk heart out with her. She ask you to go out with her because she want to be with you. Stop doing favour for them, do things when you want to not because you have to. Taking her out is not an obligation or a taunt for near future. If you don’t want to go, please don’t but don’t do a favour. Try to steal the slightest moment of togetherness because you never know if that time will come back or not. When woman was created even God was crazy for her. A man “God Shiva” did tandav and made the world go upside down when his wife sati died. Not because he had less women to make love with but because she was the person to make his world flowery.
Saatchi Art: Orgasm Painting by Dreya Novak
I want to say this to all the men out there, satisfying you is quite easy by faking just an orgasm because all you men care about is that. Because that is what make you manly. I agree that it is not all men want only! But then why love is constraint to the times when you want her, the time when you trying to make her yours! Once you get her, why she is treated as a thing, as an object but not your someone special. You always remain special for her, she always keep you on top of her list, she goes out with you because she want to spend some time with you. But why she became just a machine to vent out on, to stay away when you want peace. She remains the same. Its just you who gets changed and feel suffocated. She remain the same women who has given all of her to you. She tells everyone proudly about you, love to talk about you all the time, show your pictures to everyone with same excitement every time. She loves you with all her heart and once her words given then she will be with you till her last breath.
What a woman want is some love, some care, a man who can pamper her sometimes and make her feel that she’s the one. Yes, indeed they make her feel special one but only when they want her in her life. But once she is part of it, no one cares.
Don’t love her when life is all magical and full of butterflies and flowers but love her when you are in downs. Yes you heard it right! Love her when you feel you are falling apart. Love her when you are going through grumpy ways, love her when your way is becoming difficult, love her when it feels that nothing is going right because she’s the only person who can make your world magical again. She will be the person who will stand by you in all odds without expecting anything but if you can give her some appreciation for it, she would walk you through that path holding your hand making it bed of flowers for you.
Your road will never be easy but full of troubles but there is difference between loving the troubles and loving the person who helps you cross it.
When we go on a road trip, we get bumpy ways as well as smooth roads too but that doesn’t make us shout at our friend. It just feels that we are together and we will enjoy each and every moment. Oh! its the bumpy road ” yr maza aya jhula jhul ke”, car’s engine is hot lets enjoy the view, need to change car’s wheel now lets do it together, we even show the roads to them as well as the passer-by’s. Life is just like that road trip. Either you can get mad at unexpected things or you can make it one more moment to show love to your partner. Its our choice.
We all have seen “Pyar ka Punchnama” and appreciate the movie a lot so here I just want to bring one liner from that movie – If you don’t care for her and care for just your troubles then certainly there would be someone who will be trying as hard as you’ve done it once! :p
So guys, stop taking her clothes off and try to take the layers off of her heart, know the deepest secrets of her life which no one knows, love her when you want it most, love her when nothing seems right. Love is powerful and she has the power. She can’t make ways smooth for you but certainly can help you cross the way quickly without feeling it harsh.
Stop thinking about her lips and color of her tits,
Try to know her heart and live the conversation of hearts!
Yes please do that if you can !

Shina kalra is post graduate in literature. She has done her M.A. in literature and completed her graduation from Zakir Hussain College, Delhi. In her free time, she loves to write and aspires to take writing as a full-time profession.

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