Jane’s Story

Regina Goni:

When Jane was a kid, everything in her life seemed to be going just right: she was a good student, had a lot friends and lived happily with her family. Her teachers were proud of her and considered her an exemplary child.

For years, she grew up as a normal girl; she was joyful and she had an exceptional relationship with her  two older brothers, but especially with the eldest, they were the closest two in the world. They would tell each other everything, laugh together, it was them against the world. Until one day, when she was twelve, her brother got a little too near. He broke their unspoken barrier between fraternal intimacy and harassment, and she noticed but was too naive to know what would come next.

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His hands were getting too close to the two little growing breasts where her plain chest used to be, his eyes were out of control, he seemed possessed. Jane was short of breath, and her brain was not reacting fast enough to move her body away from him, her previous confident, her shelter, her brother.

After he finished wrecking her soul, tearing out her deepest tears, he left. He left just like the times he had given his sister advice or he had shared her concerns, except this time, instead of consoling her, instead of being the strongest rock she could lean on, he broke her.

After this day, Jane knew she would never be the same person again, she would never be the same joyful little kid opening her heart to her brother. Instead, she grew tough, decided that no one could be trusted. She knew she needed help but felt too embarrassed and small to tell her parents, so she decided to go to her other brother for help. He took her to a small clinic where she was offered a pregnancy termination, which she roundly declined in case she was pregnant, and then locked herself inside her body for a while, at least until she was certain that her brothers seed inside her was not fruitful.

It was a hard time for her, but she was stronger now, and she made the decision to not let this punch knock her out forever. Instead, she decided to be strong, move on with her life and start over, never forgetting that the worst moments in life are the ones that give us the greatest chances to bring out the best of ourselves.

Submitted by Love and Care for People.

About LCP:

Love and Care for People (LCP) is an independent registered non-profit organisation, founded in 2004.

LCP is a safe haven where loving and caring supporters, volunteers and team members or as we say our family all work together to bring hope and provide Non-Judgemental Support, Education, Vocational Skills Training, Referral and Counselling services, Opportunities and Networks among other services to children, young people and women from different cultures and nationalities who are survivors, affected or at risk of Family Violence (including but not limited to Forced Marriage, Reproductive Abuse, Honour Based Violence, Disownment, Destructive Relationships, Child Abuse), Poverty and other Social Exclusion.

LCP works with other grassroot organisations and offers business and vocational skills training, mentorship as well as the necessary tools and resources for women and young people to become economically self-sustaining.

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