The Iron Lady of Pakistan-Muniba Mazari

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Married at the age of 18 for the happiness of her father, Muniba Mazari’s life took a drastic turn when she met with a car accident that left her paralysed from her hip at 21. Her backbone was crushed and she sustained multiple fractures to her arm, shoulder, ribs and collarbone. As if that wasn’t traumatic enough, her doctor soon informed her that she would never be able to walk, paint or bear children. The tragic situation left her in a devastated state, where she started questioning her existence in the world. However, instead of giving in to the misery, the young lady hailing from Pakistan decided to change the course of her life.

In a 6.37-minute long clip that has surfaced on social media, she spoke about coming in terms with her life and finding a new purpose. Popularly known as the Iron Lady of Pakistan, she explained how she chose to fight her fears one at a time and soon reinvented herself. She started painting, adopted a child and even started making public appearances to break free from the social stigma attached to a person on a wheelchair.

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Post courtesy: The Indian Express

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