Dear Period Story-Eline

Dear Period,

You took me by surprise the first time, but I guess that’s your MO. It’s been over 10 years since we’ve first encountered and every month I’m kind of glad to see you again. You never caused me too much pain but if you could leave the headaches you bring at home, that would be a blessing. I’ve started using cups to support you even better. Thank you period, for making me a woman. I hope there will be time when you go on vacation for a few months and I can get a baby in return. If you do, I’ll gladly welcome you back and make sure there’s extra chocolate lying around when you do!



Dearest Eline,

Your kind words warm my heart.  I love my visits and I love that you feel like a woman when I arrive.  I think we’ve had a good run so far, I say we keep it up.  I’m sure we can work out a deal, especially if you throw in those chocolates.  Keep taking care of yourself and in turn me.  

Oh, the headaches, I can’t promise that I’ll ease up on those.  It’s the closest thing I have to wearing a tiara my friend.  And I do like a bit of the bling.

Your friend,


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