Kamalpreet Eknoor Kaur:

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You told her she cheated you,

Your taught her to be obedient to you,

To submit to your wishes and

The things you raised at her.


Be it your hand, your mouth,

Your shoes or sometimes even that

Dining table chair.


You have inflicted upon her,

so much pain emotionally and even physically,

You led her to believe that you wanted the best for her,

Which is why you would hit her,

Not realising how awfully far you were pushing her from the world entirely and

not just yourself.


Today though, even after years of not being touched by you,

If she’s touched,

She’s numb,

Numb to the pain and the grief of humans and herself.

She cries even today,

But not the way she used to,

It’s all alone now, knowing and having believed that,

The world will never be hers,

The only one who would know her pain,

Would be she, herself.

You damaged her soul so beautifully.

Kamalpreet Eknoor Kaur is a lawyer pursuing her Masters at Law, from Amity Lucknow. Apart from law, her passions including writing, photography, dancing and music.
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