Being a Woman

Eknoor Kaur:

There are so many delicacies of being a woman,

You dress,

You be pretty,

You be you and you be them,

Because you birth them,

You can do and undo,

You can know and not know,

You can nurture and teach nurturing,

You are the mother and the destroyer,

You are the daughter and

you yourself will force above the son,

You can create and you yourself can be the creation,

You love and you love more than any other gender,

Because the first emotion of love,

That love, came from you.

There are delicacies,

So many delicacies,

of being,

A Woman.

Eknoor Kaur, a Human Rights Lawyer and Activist. A Feminist always. Writing has been her first love since she was 11 years old. “Art, of any kind, is what will always help you float.”

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