Breaking the taboo- Donate a Pad for Hygiene Bangladesh

Women Chapter Desk:

On the occasion of Menstrual Hygiene Day 2017, “Donate a Pad for Hygiene Bangladesh” is campaigning to ensure menstrual hygiene of house maids across Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

A youth-led initiative to raise awareness on menstrual hygiene awareness and to make sanitary napkins available and accessible across the country, especially in rural areas, “Donate a Pad for hygiene Bangladesh” through its activities is trying to contribute towards ensuring that women and young girls from underprivileged backgrounds can avail facilities to stay healthy and avoid contracting diseases that are often resulted from negligence during menstruation. Its activities include: fundraising for buying and donating sanitary napkins, campaigning to break the silence and challenge the taboos surrounding menstruation, and distributing comic books that address the necessity of maintaining menstrual hygiene .  The initiative is running a pilot project in a village in Noakhali district and is hopeful that it can gradually to spread the project across the country.

Founders of Donate a Pad for Hygiene Bangladesh

The initiative was founded by three youths: Marzia Prova- online media journalist and women’s rights activist, Sakir Mati-medical professional and Tarek Hasan- textile engineer by profession. They started this mission on 16th December, 2015 and have come a long way since then.

The initiative has medical professionals on board who volunteer through taking part in discussion sessions organized in schools to raise awareness on menstrual hygiene. The activities are not just concentrated in rural areas; rather “Donate a Pad for Hygiene Bangladesh” is at present campaigning for the well-being of domestic helpers and encouraging employers to provide their domestic helps with sanitary napkins apart from monthly salary as sometimes they are really shy to venture out and get napkins for themselves , or otherwise would not want to spend on sanitary napkins from their meager salary.

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Women Chapter wishes all the best to the volunteers involved in the initiative and hopes that gradually, women across the country will be able to avail facilities to ensure menstrual hygiene at a reasonable cost and men will be sensitive towards this need of the women and help them instead of neglecting them.


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