I am Qandeel Baloch

On the occasion of 1st death anniversary of Pakistani Model Qandeel Baloch:

I’m Qandeel Baloch. You just heard the wrong news that I have been murdered today, it’s quite funny how the media uses the surprise news and gets my story going to catch TRPs but I want to clarify that I’m still alive. I cannot be murdered, I’m the rebel, you can see me on each and every page, line and verse of history. I might have had different names, different features, but yes you’ll see me with the same nature of being a fighter. Every form of me will have the same story, the story of the underprivileged people who have big dreams but are not ready to give up, who are the ones born to resist, who refuse to die in the state in which they were born. For them, their dreams stand above their soul, life and everything else in the world. They prefer dying young over dying in misery. For them, rules are just intoxicants, they are here to tell the world that they are a free soul.

You can kill me but can’t kill my ideology of going against the wind. You may disagree with my actions; you may consider them wrong but what else do you expect from a poor lady with a pathetic past. What other ways have you given her to discover her talent, how much do you support her?

It is funny how nobody raised a single voice when I was married as a juvenile at the age of 17, it is funny how nobody cared about me when I was divorced and had to starve with my hunger, when I had to give up on my son as I could not afford his medical treatment. Nobody cared. If you cannot acknowledge that despite being so much under privileged and unknown, I stood out and became an entertainer, then you have no right to mourn upon my death because I hate cowards, I hate those who close women behind bars of their obsolete mentality.

Dreams don’t mean twerking on TV, it means to be free and taking decisions at your own free will. I’m not being murdered by some man named Waseem, apparently my brother, I’m being killed by the people who suffocated my dreams. Ladies and gentlemen, if you wish to judge me, judge all you want but all I have to say is each time a dream dies you’ll see a Qandeel Baloch being born.

– Written By: Millons of Supressed Qandeel Balochs

Reproduced from Internet

Qandeel Baloch was a Pakistani model, actress, woman’s rights activist and social media celebrity. Baloch rose to prominence due to her videos on social networks discussing her daily routine and various controversial issues. During the evening of 15 July 2016, Baloch was asphyxiated while she was asleep in the house where her parents live in Multan. Her brother Waseem Azeem confessed to the murder saying she was “bringing disrepute” to the “family’s honour”
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