I want to be myself just as I am



Everyone started saying I was a bad girl when yesterday I disclosed that Sumon, the boy who lives next to our room, touched me in a bad way when I went to the bathroom that we share in our slum. I don’t care what people say about me. I am like that. I talk when I need to talk. My mother loves my elder sister more because she is a silent girl. Everyone in our slum likes my sister because she never fights with anyone or never discloses how many people abuse her! She hides all her pains! I don’t understand why she needs to! She never reveals who abuses her. But I know, I see her pains. She cries every night and says God will never forgive her because she is hiding all the evil people who disturb her every day. I always try to find out from her who they are. I believe I will know about them one day and I will not wait for a second to remove their masks. My father always supports me and loves me because I speak up. He says, “Every girl should have her own thorn like a lotus to carry in order to protect herself.” To you, I may be a bad girl because I am outspoken. But I know how loving I really am, and I try to do anything for anyone. If that is the meaning of a bad girl, then I am a bad girl. But I want to be myself just as I am.

Story Courtesy: GMB Akash


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