If a girl is pregnant (Teenage Pregnancy)


Teenage pregnancy is a very challenging time for any girl who has had to experience it. Not only does teenage pregnancy put stress on a young body that is not ready for a child, it also causes emotional stress as well as adding difficult responsibilities to the youngster.

If you are below 21 and you discover that you are pregnant, the first thing to do is keep calm. Keeping calm can help reduce anxiety which may be harmful for you and your baby. Realize that there are now two people you will be responsible for, which include you and the baby you will have.

Abortion is an option to terminate the baby but this adds more stress to the body and can even prove fatal. It also carries heavy long term emotional consequences that you will have to face in your daily life. Keeping the baby may seem hard at first but knowledge is power. If you know you cannot keep the baby, there is always social services that can help you manage the baby or put it in a better home.

Now that you are pregnant, you might want to tell the father of the child about it. Also inform friends and family about it. Some people may be supportive whilst others may not be too positive about you having a baby so young but remember that this is your life and not theirs. In any case, make sure that the father of the child also accepts responsibility for the baby, but because you are the one carrying the child, the responsibility is mostly yours.

Read as much as possible about pregnancy to inform yourself on what to expect in each stage. By knowing what to expect, you will help yourself get rid of fear. Eat well and find happiness within yourself. It may seem hard but believe me that you will get through this. Learn from other young mothers, join a social group for young mothers and believe that things will be alright.

Do not be afraid. Be safe.


Kamesha is a Chicago native. She  graduated from Eastern Illinois University. Kamesha is a  freelance writer. She and her husband, Calvin have 3 daughters, (Nalaya: 12yrs, Jael: 3yrs, and Callie: 2yrs). The family attends Corner Stone Christian center in Chicago Heights, IL. Kamesha believes in service, generosity, integrity, compassion, and honesty.

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