If a girl wants a support group

Sontia Levy:

‘Man is not an island’ is a common saying. Another common African proverb states that ‘If I go alone, I go faster, if we go together, I reach further.’

If A Girl was a campaign in 2015 by SAFIGI Outreach Foundation Ltd, a not for profit organization based in Zambia with a vision to raise a generation where girls are empowered, equipped and fulfilled in every aspect of their life, for the development of the entire world. To know more about SAFIGI’s goals and activities, visit: http://www.safetyfirstforgirls.org

The human being is a social creature, therefore we need each other to survive, and it is true, there is strength in numbers. In modern day, technology has made it easier to connect. This, however, is not enough as issues such as loneliness, depression and Social anxiety, to name just a few, continues to afflict even the average person.

Having a support group can help elevate mental illness, suicidal thoughts, loneliness and more, and the support group can provide unity, safety, support, advice and love, to name a few.

So where and how do you find a support group?

1. Join a club with people who enjoy the same activities as you.

2. When online, follow Facebook pages, tumblr, or blogs that highlight your values. Connect through commenting, contributing posts and being an active participant.

3. Volunteer. Giving back to others gives a sense of fulfillment and purpose. Besides, you are more likely to find kind and empowered individuals while Volunteering.

4. Start a club. If you cannot find your tribe or people who can relate to you, then go ahead and start a club for people like you. Sometimes all you need is to make the first step.

5. Don’t wait until you find your support group to do the positive things in your life that you have always wanted. Start now!

Sonita is the founder of Women Talk… Little Girls Listen.


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