Kamalpreet Eknoor Kaur:

Image Source: We Heart It

Your past is haunting you,

with all of the insecurities that it has caused you,

to fall into.

You walk away and run away from the moment you can,

And yet, time will again,

drag you through those,

For reasons that you simple cannot comprehend.

You yourself, will never understand why you live with those insecurities,

And yet you’ll never be able to rid yourself of them.

It’s a vicious cycle with you,

With your feelings,

With your worries,

And then finally your detachments.

You walk away from everything you love,

Everything you nourished,

Because you’re scared,

Scared that it’ll ruin you again,

It’ll break you,

And make you vulnerable,

To save yourself the hurt,

This time,


Kamalpreet Eknoor Kaur is a lawyer pursuing her Masters at Law, from Amity Lucknow. Apart from law, her passions including writing, photography, dancing and music.
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