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Dear All,

We have just signed the petition, “Muhammadu Buhari-President of Nigeria: Please Ban Child & Forced Marriage in Nigeria”.

We believe no 11 years old girl who is still developing should be a wife. They are still children and all children have the right to a happy and enjoyable childhood experience. They should the right to live, play, and school without fear or intimidation and they should be allowed to develop fully before marriage.

We believe this issue is very important. Will you consider saving the lives of young girls in Nigeria and sign the petition below? It takes less than a minute.

Here’s the link:



There are many ways to help this petition. Use the tools provided to spread the word:

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Thank you.



With Faith, Hope and Determination,

Love Care People and Team Women Chapter

About Love Care People: 

Love and Care for People (LCP) or in Irish “Gra Agus Curam do Dhaoine” is an independent registered non-profit organisation, founded in 2004.

LCP is a safe haven where loving and caring supporters, volunteers and team members or as we say our family all work together to bring hope and provide Non-Judgemental Support, Education, Vocational Skills Training, Referral and Counselling services, Opportunities and Networks among other services to children, young people and women from different cultures and nationalities who are survivors, affected or at risk of Family Violence (including but not limited to Forced Marriage, Reproductive Abuse, Honour Based Violence, Disownment, Destructive Relationships, Child Abuse), Poverty and other Social Exclusion.

LCP works with other grassroot organisations and offers business and vocational skills training, mentorship as well as the necessary tools and resources for women and young people to become economically self-sustaining.


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