Random Thoughts-1

Shucheesmita Simonti:

Many would argue that why there should be a separate day called “Women’s Day” when everyday should be a celebration of womanhood. On a personal note, I feel it is important to have a particular day when we can take out some time to reflect upon the status of women across the world, from different walks of life. Let this day not just be a celebration, but also a day to reflect upon the challenges we women face in every step of our life.

Before couple of days, I was threatened by someone who said he can get the portal hacked. When I said that I do hope he understands that I will not take a serious matter as such lightly, he didn’t say anything. I was furious and wanted to let him and other like minded fellows know we are not afraid, so I updated my facebook status:

Apparently some people are feeling insecure about womenchapter….and somebody threatened just before sometime that he will shut the website. Atleast he will make sure it cannot be accessed from Delhi.
Go to hell!
Well its not just a blog or a portal, it is a movement.
It is a mission that is inclusive of women from all walks of life. When you threaten the portal, your reality comes out . You are not an enemy to women chapter, you are a representative of patriarchy!!

Afterwards, he said to mutual acquaintances that it was merely a joke. He texted me the same. Till now, I have not replied. To be honest, I don’t know what to say anymore because the aftermath of the incident was that some of the very few people who knew who is the person, they casually dismissed it off as a joke. But, in his eyes, I didn’t see any mischief. I saw malign intents. How can I dismiss off threats of hacking just as a ‘joke’ when do I know the portal triggers fear in the minds of many who commit crimes against women, be it visible or invisible?

Yes, it is a joke! A movement is a joke! The effort that we, everyone associated to Women Chapter, put in, is a joke for them! And here I was, living with the illusion that if nothing else, they at least have some sensitivity in them and the ability to distinguish between joke and malice.

Incidents as such remind me that at the end of the day, the battle against patriarchy is never an easy one. Never. If you want to challenge patriarchy, you need to travel the road less traveled, be ready to accept that there can even be people you once considered close will be ready to throw pelts and bricks at you. You may be slut-shamed, or branded as a ‘loose’ woman. People may even call you a ‘man-hater’ or a frustrated woman. A lot of unpleasant things can happen to you when you decide to embrace the term ‘feminist’.

After all, even to this date, an assertive woman is often perceived as an ‘anomaly’ according to patriarchs. Take Kangana Ranaut for instance. She has been vocal about nepotism in Bollywood, about her own mistakes and many from both inside and outside the industry have tried to pull her down. She has recently been accused of playing the ‘victim card’. I guess this is one of the major strategies the patriarchs use to their disposal when they want to silence a woman. Question her character, call her melodramatic, aggressive or an ‘attention-seeker’, who plays the victim card to get away with her deeds.

But I am glad that there are some friends who are mature enough and sensitive towards women’s issues; who extended moral support to Women Chapter. Team Women Chapter loves you! The world still has hope because of human beings like you!

A very Happy Women’s Day to All!

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