Don’t underestimate Women Power

Nafisa Mahmud:

When I was a small girl I always dreamed of being a pilot … not just any pilot but an air force pilot. My mom never discouraged me but some of my relatives did. They would say “you are a girl you can’t be in the air force and forget the army.

I don’t think women are not fit for army just because they are a little less strong than men physically. I agree men are stronger but it is scientifically proven that a woman is 100 times mentally stronger than a man. In a pressured situation it’s seen that a woman’s brain functions properly while a man’s case it’s exactly the opposite.

That’s why they end up messing the work. In our country only because of the environment, a girl grows up feeling weak from childhood. It has become a culture in our country to always make the girl dependent on someone. we keep telling our girls to be decent, to behave, we give them curfew hours but when it comes to boys we just do the opposite, we don’t tell him to behave , instead we say” he is a boy let him be”, we don’t tell them to be decent when they walk in a house full of guest and slam their bedroom door without even caring to greet the elders………..instead we say” he is a boy, he will be fine in time”, imagine if a girl pulls a stunt like that ………

I wouldn’t blame the boys for their behaviour. But no offence.

Whoever thinks that women are not fit for a soldier’s post is just insulting women power. Women are fit; they can do any job sometimes better than many men. But the problem sometimes lies with the family. Many families do not allow their daughter to enter into defence. In many families, women are grown in a different environment, which makes them believe that they are weak. If they have full support from family and are confident enough, then she can be a great asset for her country.

At one side we are talking about women empowerment but women are not allowed in defence. We all say women are better than men than why are women not allowed in infantry easily. Why does she have work 10 times harder to prove herself when men just go through a test and if they are qualified they get in our defence? When it’s a girl’s turn she has to go through a lot of mental and physical torture just to be qualified.

At some point, anyone who might be reading this must think I am a “feminist”. Now a day one way of getting an independent girls attention is by talk about equal rights for women, feminism…..and what not. But let me ask a simple question, do they even know the real meaning of feminist? It’s like women are weak or something and that’s why they are using this word to become stronger “NO”. I think all human beings should have equal right from birth. It shouldn’t be men versus women, it should human versus human. For me “FEMINIST’’ is a wrong term. It should have been humanist. Everyone should be a humanist.

As far as it is concerned for women being in defence I say, she is going to blow it like anyone else. We just have to be little careful about our next generation so that when they grow up they don’t see girls as a weaker species. Then we can have better future, where everyone will have a say and their work will not be judged on the basis of their gender.

At the end I would like to tell the girls “please don’t see boys as your enemy. All boys are not bad. Don’t judge them all the same because of some cheap boys. The creator created us like this, we are not dependent on them but we need them to create a family, a future, and a new generation. It’s the nature’s law. In my religion, it’s believed that the Almighty has created every human being in pairs. Help them understand our mentality. Then I am sure it will change the point of view of the people in our country.

The writer is currently studying in Grade  – X,  Bangladesh International tutorial ( B.I.T ).


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