A Tribute to Women Chapter

Adeeb Chowdhury

For the disempowered women across South Asia who have little opportunities to address the problems and issues in life, there is Women Chapter. For the ones whose voices have been snatched away, there is Women Chapter. For the issues about gender and equality that are rarely discussed in society, there is Women Chapter.

For the past four years, Women Chapter has not been just a website. It is an institute for discussion, a safe haven for those who are otherwise unable to talk about issues in their lives. It has become an opportunity—an opportunity to seek like-minded peers and individuals to share their burdens with, and resist the social oppression of women and other minorities.

It is my pride and honor that, as a male, I can contribute to Women Chapter. It is a platform for me to address social inequality and issues that I feel strongly about. I do hope that more men will utilize this opportunity as well, because gender equality needs the cooperation of all genders.

Ever since the beginning of Women Chapter, some men have expressed anger and frustration at the fact that women complain about oppression and sexism. Terms such as “feminazi” have emerged to bitterly mark the rise of women activists seen as “aggressive”.

But society cannot advance forward without both men and women acknowledging the problems created by gender inequity. It should be our duty to learn more about the issues suffered by the other gender and cooperate in solving them.

On the fourth anniversary of the launching of Women Chapter, I want to express my appreciation of the service of this portal, and my pride in having contributed to it. To Women Chapter, I say thank you.

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