Sherene Aftab:

So many women think that they lead boring, unhappy, and discontented lives. So many women fail to understand that happiness is what we perceive. Positive thinking is all about training your mind to see things in a positive light. So many women do selfless acts of kindness and love for their families and friends in their quest to be loved by them; and often feel that they are not appreciated enough or not appreciated at all by their families; often feeling that they are taken for granted. But to find love, love needs to be first be ignited within ourselves. In our quest to be loved and accepted by others we often tend to neglect ourselves. Life is what we make of and our attitude towards life is the important element that attracts happiness, love and optimism. It is all a cycle and ‘You’ make the most important force that drives this cycle.

To keep the cycle rolling here are a few life hacks to be considered

  1. Love yourself first.

We often tend to neglect our needs, wants and desires for others. Practice the art of saying “NO” to people when necessary.  Give yourself the gift of creating something that you are good at it could be going back to the hobbies that you have stashed on a shelf you have long forgotten. It could be Painting, writing, knitting, or it could just be going to the gym or the parlor. Give yourself ‘your’ time.


  1. Don’t allow negative thoughts to seep into your mind.

The world seems to be brimming with people who seem to have lustrous Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram profiles. They seem to be going places, looking beautiful, flying high. Making you feel in your own private world, that perhaps you are not doing enough or are not good enough. What you don’t know is they are only portraying the image they want to portray. You don’t have to compete with anyone. Remind yourself that you are doing your bit and are going places at your pace. Assure yourself that you don’t need to prove anyone what you are worth because you very well know yours. And you could always get away from the social networking sites or not use it compulsively to kill boredom.

3.Make best friends with yourself.

Sometimes our close friends, spouse, and family may not always be available to spend time with us. Everyone has their schedules and priorities. If someday you don’t find someone coming with you for that walk, or shopping, or for a cup of coffee go by yourself. Being with yourself and having your company can’t be that bad!

4.Don’t wait for anyone to validate you.

Look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself a big warm smile. Mentally give yourself a high-five for every time you do something well. Celebrate every small occasion or achievement. When you wake up in the morning wish yourself “have an awesome day ahead”. Give yourself the love and attention that you deserve.

5. Be yourself.

There is always going to be someone who is better looking than you, with a fancier car/house than you have, or someone who you perceive to have a better life than yours. And they could exactly be thinking about you this way. Remind yourself that everyone is blessed, and every blessing is bestowed differently. Stop looking for other people’s blessings and start counting and being grateful for yours.

“Sherene Aftab, is a Mumbai based Writer, Lecturer and Trainer. She Lectures in various management and media colleges, features regularly in offline & online publications and conducts workshops in soft skills, personality development, communication skills and career counselling”. 




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