Rumors from la-la land

Himangini Chaube:

“Where do rumors come from, darling?” asked a girl  to her bestie; with eyes filled with tears, truly curious to know the answer.
“Where don’t they come from?

I suppose the majority of rumors are a combination of leaked information and the astounding imaginations of numerous storytellers.

And, of course, those things aren’t really as boring as they seem on the surface.” answered her best friend.


“Often people that criticize your life are usually the same people that don’t know the price you paid to get where you are today.”


She cried and said that now she too has become one of the victims of these rumours. Due to these what all didn’t she lose? She lost his trust and care; he, who was always there for her for past seven years. He was an angel in disguise, her guide, her motivator and overall a person who knew her more than she ever did


Now, she is all shattered from inside.


Seeing the girl in traumatic state, her friend asked how all these events happened to which she it was all because of few people and their corrupted and outdated mindset from the La-La land.


She told her that she used to have a best friend who used to live in the La-La land. As you know best friends fight sometimes, they too fought over a personal matter. Her only fault was that she shared the problem with another lady from the same La-La land whom she thought was a very genuine and intellectual person. And this was the biggest mistake which she made as the person whom she thought would be her saviour turned out to be a serpent hidden inside the rosy bush. This lady took the advantage of the fight and caste such a spell which led to an end of the beautiful relationship the girl shared with her best friend; all because of the jealousy of the lady towards the girl. The lady portrayed the girl as an opportunist trying to trap an innocent guy; and didn’t believe that a boy and a girl can be best friends. Many people of la-la land believed the lady, and not the girl. They questioned her character, criticized her dressing style and as a result of all these dramas and pressures, her best friend turned into a stranger whom she had difficulty recognizing.


After hearing the entire story, her best friend said “Cheer up darling, if you are good and your friend is sensible enough to acknowledge you and your friendship than things will surely turn out to be good some day; don’t get disheartened, cheer up and smile don’t forget that.

You are beautiful, but not like those girls in the magazines.

You are beautiful, for the sparkle in my eyes when you talk about something you love.

You are beautiful, for your ability to make other people smile, even if you are sad.

You are beautiful, deep down in your soul.

And you don’t need anyone’s approval for it.


Hearing the soothing words from her friend, the teary eyed girl said, “People who don’t know me well how they can judge my nature..?? Who gave them the rights to hurt my sentiments..??


How will you feel when people talk nonsense about your character without knowing you, your nature and the exact story..??


We all know that India is a democratic country Right..?? We Indians do have the rights to speak and express our opinions freely on whatever topic we want Right..?? But has the Indian government given you the right to speak nonsense about any individual whom you don’t know in person at all??

Is it my fault if that lady can’t be that bold enough to dress up like me?? Is it my fault if she can’t laugh and be carefree enough to showcase her feelings over various other things like I do..??

If she can’t be like me than why she keeps on trying to demolish me in the eyes of those people who don’t even know me well at all..??


Hearing this her best friend replied, “Darling, this world is full up of vicious and creepy people who if cannot match up to your standards try to demolish and defame you in the eyes of other people around you so that they turn out to be the best and you land up to be the worst creature ever born on this earth.”


Finally after hearing this she stopped crying, she smiled and said, “Yes, you are right darling. Why should I cry??” I have realised that ‘Jealousy is the mother of Rumors.’ Rumors are dangerous. They destroy the beautiful bonding of a wonderful relation.”


Hence she wiped out her tears and said, “I will not break myself down any more. I will stand up again, stop shedding tears and smile again because such people cannot create any obstacles in my struggle towards my success. Instead to sitting back and shedding tears for what that lady did I will take it up as a wonderful lesson of my life.”


Well, she had learnt a great lesson of her life from this year 2016; that if you are a girl striving for excellence and independence, there will always be someone willing to hurt you, put you down, gossip about you, belittle your accomplishments and judge your soul. It is a fact that we all face in this 21st century.

Never settle for half the story and make-up and imagine the rest. Get the full Story.


Always remember… Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.

Himangini is an English teacher by profession. Her passions include writing, travelling and social work.



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