Bury the hatchet, maybe?

Meha Pumbay:

Ladies and/or feminists,

Bury the hatchet, maybe?

Let’s all take a breath, a step back. Let’s remember that the goal is to create a safe and equal world for all women. It’s completely okay for this process to be different for each woman – we all start from different positions. It’s okay to hate the word ‘feminism’ – yes, it was created by white privileged women that many don’t relate with. It’s okay to want your emotions and priorities to be reflected in a women’s movement – there is a huge power structure within feminism.

It’s not okay to tell each other that our opinions and thoughts are uninformed and hilarious – every woman is informed by her unique story. It’s not okay to bully each other. It’s not okay to kill each other’s spirits. This in itself is patriarchy. It’s not okay to tell each other what to think, but encourage the other to think their own thoughts. Nurture each other and welcome each other to be different and brilliant together.

Understand each other, don’t form dichotomies, be grateful that a debate is happening. We will be much stronger together.

Reproduced with permission from the writer’s Facebook timeline.

Meha Pumbay is a Master’s student at International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam. She has been a research consultant with the European Union, USAID, British Council, Senate of Pakistan, Pakistan-China Institute, Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy and Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, and a contributor at The Diplomat Magazine. She graduated from Lahore University of Management Sciences with a BSc (Hons) in Economics and a minor in Political Science.
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