Child’s safety or own career?

Gopa Mallick(Translated by Shanjida Nahar Priya):


Today I will talk about a video that has recently gone viral in various media. The video shows a two years old child being abused by a housekeeper. Naturally, the incident is pathetic and heart-breaking. This kind of incident can happen with any of us. Thinking about these, the question of safe shelter for children is being raised- so what should we do? Do girls have to sacrifice their careers for the sake of their children’s safety? Is this enough to ensure children’s safety?


While reading the comments on the video I noticed a lot of men and women made comments such as, “It happens with the children of working women”, “So greedy for money that both of them do jobs!”


Let me tell them- dear brothers and sisters, in Dhaka where both husband and wife are job holders, they are not doing out of excitement. It is difficult for many to manage household expenses with only one’s income in Dhaka. Though rich people like you or stupid people like you will not understand these matters.

If today a mother sacrifices her career for her child, after some years, that child will go to a good school, will study in a renowned college, his/her needs will increase; at that time will you be the one who provides all the money she needed? Won’t you, right? Then stop preaching as well.

One more thing, mothers who don’t work outside, won’t their children face any molestation? We see a lot of news about children being raped by their nearest one while going to play, they are being molested by the drivers-caretakers-home tutors, they are being tortured by teacher and moulvi in school/ madrassa. How will you stop this?

There are numerous examples of mothers sacrificing their careers for the sake of children. But the number of mothers who establish themselves in the dream of giving their children a brighter future is low. Though there is a possibility of establishing child care in working places, it is still not happening in reality. And this is the result of the weak claims of our feminist organizations or the neglect of senior authorities. If it would have been possible to build such centers in the sub-districts, working mothers would have been stress-free about their children’s well-being to some extent.

But the bitter truth is, as long as our values ​​and conscience are not awakened, all laws, ways, and means will be trying to find the solution to this problem in the dark. 

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