Dear Period Story-Nouha


Dear Dear Period..

First of all I’m so happy that I finally got to talk to you ,well I don’t know why I love you even if you are the worst ! Maybe because you make me feel like I’m a female but sweetheart you make me suffer for real , you are the worst thing ever but I love you , lately you’ve been a little nicer to me , please keep it this way , and if you wanna visit , make sure to not come the mornings because I hate it , I prefer the evenings . And ONE more thing, you can play with my hormones as much as you want they’re all yours but please don’t play with appetite.
Love you ,



Dearest Nouha,

I’m blushing! Your sweet sentiment just made my month. I’m glad we’re in this together for the long haul until menopause.

I know I can be disruptive, but I dance to the beat of my own drum. No promises on your asks, I’ll entertain them. The problem is that I like to arrive early so you can plan your day around me, it makes me feel special. I also like to throw in the occasional curve ball, perhaps cramps and back pain one month but not the next just to keep it exciting, since long term relationships can get stale. And the appetite thing, well that’s non-negotiable. I like to indulge.

I know loving me can hurt, but in the big picture of things were not talking about that many days each year. I say we have a pretty good thing going here.

Your loving friend,


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