Indigenous women are not from another planet!!

Tanaya Dewan(Translated by Tinni Rahman):

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Woman, who says you are free?



Within family?


Even in your own mind are you a free woman?


In the hierarchy prevailing across the world based on genders, men are of the first category and women are counted as the second category, while we the women of the developing countries are another step behind and hence there is so much news of rape in the newspaper and news about violence against women. And the news that doesn’t come to the newspapers, do we know about those?


Can you even imagine the situation of the indigenous women who are here like me?

We get teased while walking down the streets- Chakma girl, Chakma girl!! As if they are seeing an alien. I am forced to say, some Bengali men have such a perverted mind that they want to have an affair with a Chakma girl to get a different taste (in their own words, foreign products while being at home). Bro, I am not saying love is a bad thing, but a so-called affair for a different taste, how does it justify your character? How does it define your personality?

Do you know, that for a few immoral, personality-less, mean-minded men, we the people from the hills are scared to meet the Bengalis as a nation? That is why if a Bengali guy comes to us for friendship, the first thing that comes to our mind is, what is his purpose? Did he come to fulfill his lust? Would he do any harm?

Now you would say, the five fingers of a palm are not equal. Yes, we know that, but we also know that in bare eyes salt and sugar look the same.

So brother, please think differently. We the indigenous women also want freedom like the women of flat land, not vulgarism.

I am sharing an experience of a sister of mine from a few days ago. About a week ago she went to a restaurant for dinner(the restaurant is close to a famous private university and so naturally a lot of youngsters go there frequently). In between dining, came a few teasing remarks and laughs directed at her- it was understandable from their way of talking and outlook that they were university goers. The university goers came out of the restaurants and were talking and waiting for a rickshaw in the parking lot while standing in front of an expensive branded car. Incidentally, my sister had to go and say, excuse me, if you please give me space; I can take out my car. After that, they gave her space and felt ashamed. I am not sure even after that they learned their lesson. Brother, Chakmas, or other indigenous people are not all illiterate, deprived of technology, or live in the jungle.

Its time to see things differently,

Wake up civilization, wake up.

The article was initially published in Bengali in Women Chapter on 29th May 2017. To read the original article,Click Here

Tanaya Dewan completed her BBA and MBA in Finance. She hails from Rangamati, Bangladesh. 







Tinni Rahman is a design professional. A multi-talented individual, her passions include traveling and learning new languages. She speaks 5 languages and traveled extensively across Asia and Europe.


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