From weakness to strength


Parisha Dutta:

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The first thing I was taught, “Don’t talk to a stranger,

Strangers aren’t your own, they may trap you into danger.”

So I believed and I followed.

But is only a stranger marked red?

Are all our own well mannered, well fed?

Because I saw a hunger, a hunger full of lust,

A hunger so intense that comes just after a fast.

Is a soul so innocent meant to be a food, a food for pleasure that satisfies the mood?

Wasn’t I adorable enough to be loved with care?

Why with my young age my fate was unfair?

I don’t blame but I question my world,

with greenery all around, is it meant to be so cold?


I was tempted, riddled, puzzled, trapped,

but at the end, my spirit, not once, not twice, by infinity it was slapped!

There stands he, my own, my brother,

By the one I was torn and splitted like a feather.

I remember his shadow captivating my skin,

Scary and ferocious, he was in love his sin.

Monstrous! Believe me.

So yes, I was pricked before I bloomed,

the blossom of my innocence with cruelty was doomed.

I cried, I screamed but my voice was quiet,

I was a girl aged eight, my words were light.

As the years went by, I realised my worth,

but by gales of threat, I stopped walking forth.

And than one fine day, he threatens me a revenge,

says he’ll damage me and his fire will quench.

But now I’m grown, now my wings are strong,

I’ve got a heart of ice that bears no wrong.

The soul that is lost has nothing to lose,

I’ll fight back my fear, my destiny I choose.

When I sit alone, my belly churns up,

I miss my childhood and the charm I deserved.

Well scars don’t leave but wounds get healed,

The pain inside me with strength will be sealed.

This life is worth, I had survived many suns,

My power and my spirit makes me forget that

I was raped once!




Reproduced with permission from Parisha Writes.

Parisha Dutta is a rising writer, poet and blogger. She is of Bengali origin and currently resides in Guwahati, Assam, India. She would like to pursue a literary career as a poet and a writer. Her aim is to become a passionate writer and presently she is trying and working on lyrics and sonets.




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