Happy’s story


PC: GMB Akash

My name is Happy and like my name, I used to be a really very happy person. But nowadays, I am not happy anymore!

Every night I used to dream a beautiful dream about playing with my friends in our school field. I was in class four last year. I used to play in our school field after class with my best friends Shiuly and Khadija. I am the first daughter of my parents and I have two other sisters. My parents wanted me to study. I used to sing all the time. These days I can’t sing anymore. When I get a break from my work I try to sing but rather than sing, I start to weep.

I work very hard every day and think about my old parents and my sisters. The last couple of months I’ve been seeing what poverty is; how it feels when your family members cry for food and you can’t provide anything for them to eat for days.

I came here from our village this year after Eid festival with my cousin’s sister and her husband. This year we had a big flood that happened suddenly at night. That flood swept away all of our dreams with our crops, land, house, cattle and everything else. My father was a farmer now he has become a beggar.

Now I work here from early in the morning until the evening. But this work is not so easy for us who came here recently. This is not as easy a job as it looks. Each brick weighs 2.5 kg and I can carry only 10 bricks together at a time. So, for 800 bricks I have to carry 10 bricks on my head continuously from the brickfield to the truck about 80 times which is almost a 10 km walk altogether.

Now I have no dreams! My dreams became nightmares! I go to sleep thinking about the next day; I have to wake up early in the morning and carry 800 bricks until dark

Story Credit: GMB Akash Official Facebook Page


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